Labor from Uppsala (2nd place Stockholm Regional)

Cambro 56


The deck is very similar to my previous deck Shipment from Uppsala , who Uraken finished in top 8 at euros with(, the only different is that crisium have been swapped for Mwanza.


The deck does okay in general but I think I did some bad meta calls, the DNA trackers and Cortex Lock I would probably swap. DNA tracker gets wrecked by Amina and people usually don't run without a killer or some MU used. Now with CF soon gone Crim/Amina might see less play but currently I would probably wanted to have another Anansi, and another Data Loop.

Data Loop is such a good card with Obokata and PE, requiring them to have 7 cards when trying to steal it. You want data loop and one Kakugo on remote. The runner runs and usually


or they continue and shock


The deck beat Kabonesa, MaxX (only on 2 levys and manage to Chronos them away with fast advance), Leela (lost against), Fancy Goldberg (manage to Chronos away half the deck, making the 3 levys much weaker) and lost against the same Leela in winners final.

Changes to make. I would probably swap Stock Buy-Back for another data loop. Swap 1 DNA to another Anansi. Since the deck often wins by milling the runner I might try to find space for Aimor or Mganga.

17 Jul 2019 ayyyliens

<3 Hows that mwanza

17 Jul 2019 Cambro

It did okey. Never killed anyone but made people afraid of running R&D.