Slowest deck in the world - 1st place Budapest SC 2017

percomis 1305

Mainly posting for claiming my spot on ABR. Exact copy of Shmeguy's deck from the Topdeck UK vs US tournament (go and watch it if you hadn't already).

I've read up on RP based prison decks before the tournament and most of the comments said Whizz with Slums would rip these deck apart. Well, they do, faced 3 Dumblefork, beat two of them. One was a 63 minute game where I had to kill him after Levying but somehow succeeded. The other game I started scoring agendas naked after he installed Slums turn 1, but didn't want to run them to not lose Slums but eventually had to. Voterd Slums, pinged out the second with multiple Bioethics and after that it was way simpler.

Anyhow, the deck works simple enough. Put out assets that make money and assets that protect the money-makers. In the meantime start iceing central and eventually bleed out the runner. Decks can bleed out fast. If the runner sits back on points and tries to wait out the time, scoring a Philotic can often speed up the murder but the deck is gruelingly slow. My shortest game was around 30-35 minutes.