Lockdown 17

Dunsch 73

I brought this to Lockdown to test out how Zahay works out, as I'm thinking about playing Zahya on Worlds.

It really went well only dyed agianst Double Neuralspike with Reeducation. I didn't got the cards I needed and the breaker I needed was lost to Keegan Lane.

It won against Jinteki Restoring Humanity Grinder, a fun Harishandra List and a Wayland Consortium Built to Last Rush deck.

Playing this deck feels quite easy take money und make small annoing runs until you have Obelus and then wrack havoc on the board. (Counter Surveillance RnD) and win, or die trying.

Some Idears for the deck get sth to get your Breakers earlyer, the Hot Pursuit is feals really dead somtimes but helps greatly with getting the Tags up when the corp isn't heping you out with it.

Have fun trying around with this deck!