Friday Night Firefight

Cluster Fox 513

I have to preface this by saying something lewd. #Officer Frank gets turned on by your meat. There, I said it.

Caveat: Deck lagality was Revised Core Set, so no #By Any Means which would have made the deck a lot better, but still:

I really wanted to share this decklist because it's absolutely legit and it's really interesting to play. I was in third place before the last round and I encountered my kryptonite @Ryanbantwins in the last round. It plays around attacking the corp's hand and a lot of players aren't used to the mechanic and don't know how to play around it. It's ridiculously fun to play and it goes incredibly fast, but BAM would put it where it needs to be.

HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS DECK? Basically, you use the insane draw engine of #Off-Campus Apartment + #Inject + #Street Peddler + #I've Had Worse to get you pieces. Slam down #Clan Vengeance when you get them and load them up with #Respirocytes, #Net-Ready Eyes and the occasional #Mad Dash. Try and always have an #Officer Frank on the board (she's a Connection so works with OCA) so when you intall a Respirocytes you can pop her to disrupt the corp's hand. You can pressure rush decks with the conspiracy breakers and #DDoS and you have near-infinte econ with #Tri-Maf Contact. You also have surprinsingly sustainable economy because almost all of your resources trigger #Tech Trader. So in a nutshell, pressure out fast-advance with DDoS and build up HQ hate, tatically nuke their hand and even if you don't hit agendas you'll usually kill their scoring plan. One of the most enjoyable things to do is continualy hit Kakugos, YES PLEASE I'LL HAVE THE DAMAGE because it loads up your Vengeanes. Unfortunately, I didn't face a damage deck on the day. Why Valencia? Well you need a BOATLOAD of pieces to make it work, and you have insane draw to get them and #Levy AR Lab Access to reset. And even the one bad pub is value town.

So let's get in to the rounds:

ROUND 1 vs Controlling the Message (@Slowriffs) - WIN-

Got out a #Hacktivist Meeting turn 1 which prevented him from rezzing his #Commercial Bankers Group spam. Did a bit of setup while poking his unprotected R&D and was lucky enough to topdeck 2x #Global Food Initiative while pushing forward. He scored an agenda and pre-rezzed all three Bankers and started rolling. I installed an #Officer Frank, a #Clan Vengeance, a #Respirocytes, popped Frank and #Mad Dash on Archives for the #Project Beale win.

ROUND 2 vs Titan Transnational (@mLodon shoutout to Leuven TO) - LOSS

I mulliganed for a DDoS because, you know, it's Titan. I got one in my muligan and he did what I expected, install - ice - credit. DDoS for the first Atlas. Got to 6 points with Mad Dashes. An insanely lucky 4-counter Clan Vengeance dumped two Biotics, an Audacity and a Preemptive. I Levy'ed and couldn't find a Paperclip. He installed in his remote with two ice in front if it, I attempted to DDoS it but of course the innermost ice was a #Fire Wall. While I had like 20 credits and 2x #Street Peddler in hand. I should have Peddlered for the 'Clip and I'd have won it. But I'm an idiot.

ROUND 3 vs Cerebral lmaging (@Cop663) - LOSS

Just couldn't go fast enough. Jeeves + MCA Austerity kept me down, I was stupid enough to duck to 5 credits that let Stinson fire, and he got some sweet Reversed Accounts off. I got to three points with a Mad Dash + Corporate Sales Team but that was it. This was a classic example of how #By Any Means would have COMPLETELY changed the dynamic of this game, but well played to Christophe.

ROUND 4 vs Controlling the Message (@SmokElmo) - WIN

With continued use of our lovely Officer Frank, he had to concentrat on his remotes and didn't find ice to cover HQ, so I was able to snipe a few off there. I let him rez all his money cards, he was at 50+ credits but I didn't really care because I had the remote threat with the conspiracy breakers and DDoS. Waited for him to do his mandatory draw, trashed his hand, let him draw more, trashed the rest with another Vengeance, and on my turn hit Archives for the winning Beale.

ROUND 5 vs Cerebral Imaging (@Ryanbantwins) - LOSS

This was against Brian. Brian is my fucking kryptonite. It doesn't matter how many km we travel, it doesn't matter how many people are there, I always end of againt this guy and he's in my loca meta and he always kicks me out of the cut. But I was feeling really good about this, because he was on Brain Rewiring CI and normally he can't win. Brain Rewiring + #Respiroytes draws me 2 cards, so no flatine right? I did not consider #Best Defence to trash my 'cytes. I could have popped my Vengeances to disrupt his combo, but in all honesty, I wasn't looking for a 40 minute game and I just let him have it. Truth be told, I had a fair chance at having this one but I was too tired.

CLOSING THOUGTHS I could have won more games but I would like to reitterate that I'm an iditot. I'm a mediocre Netrunner player at best. That not withstanding, this is still a great deck. For Sovereign Sight I would definately include By Any Means to kickstart your Vengeances. I'd also drop the Tri-Mafs and the Net-Ready Eyes for Beth and maybe something like #The Source. Anyways, I hope this has been informative and ignites some folks to go out and trash some HQs. FRIDAY NIGHT FIREFIGHT!!!

28 Jan 2018 Cluster Fox

I'm sorry about how the format turned out and all the hashtags, I thought they would link to the cards.

29 Jan 2018 ryanbantwins

Tbf you were able to trash 2 cards out of my 30 card hand and you needed to hit 2 combo pieces out of 6 in order to disrupt the combo. The chance of that is not big, but you should have popped them anyways.

It's a fun deck tho!

I really don't mind what happens now and then As long as you'll be my friend at the end

30 Jan 2018 Severijn

Ah, it's the deck from Thursday. I played against this deck with Commercial Facade v0.1. Good times. I am surprised you only run the Off-Campus Apartment twice. Bricking on the first copy is one of the reasons why your set-up was a little slow. Have you considered other draw engines when building this, like Duggar's with some card that gives you s?