Reg Hoshiko - 6th place out of 52 (GLC SC - 3 -3)

Havvy 304

The scoreline of 3-3 is probably quite harsh on this deck. The three games it did lose to was incredibly tight, and a bit more refinement on this decklist might have been enough to swing it. It lost to Titan in the cut with 5 points on turn 8, and generally speaking struggled with the straight up 'rush' decks. It did win its game in the cut vs a slower type Jinteki deck.

For anything that isn't a rush deck, the economy package is pretty incredible. This deck never felt poor, and applied significant pressure to the scoring remote. My gut instinct on refinements; post locking this deck in, I also ran this deck with Aumakua and felt very good. It is also arguably a mistake not to run Rebirth in this deck too.

Overall, this deck was built to improve my runner game and I was very happy how it performed.