The cookbook to CI7 - A post flash-point retrospective

triorph 902

This is the accompanying decklist to the latest article on the cookbook to CI7:

Don't know how this deck works? Check out the other handy learning articles. The idea is to score 7 points in one turn.

With this deck I have placed: 1st in Christchurch Regionals, 3rd at NZ nationals, 1st in NZ online tournament (beating the NZ nationals champion 3 times!!). I am not alone in thinking that this is currently a Tier 1 deck that most competitive players should consider learning to play (which is a sad reflection of the meta unfortunately).

17 Jan 2017 PPOdf

Why don't you use Preemptive Action instead of Howard for the combo?

17 Jan 2017 Krams

@PPOdf That's a Terminal Operation. If you resolve it, your turn is over. No matter what.

17 Jan 2017 triorph

Yep. Worth noting that this applies even inside the Accelerated Diagnostics combo, so if you were to try something funky like "hard-hitting news, interns, psychographics" you would be unable to do it as hard-hitting news immediately ends the turn before you can play the psychographics.

20 Jan 2017 ParasitePromo

@triorph Love this combo! Maybe I shall try it with Vanity Project+Global Food Initiative. It requires two piles, but some more influence is also needed. In your opinion - will it be quite effective to remove 1 JH and 1 Reuse for two VP's?

20 Jan 2017 triorph

@ParasitePromo You're definitely welcome to try, but I would expect that to definitely be a weaker deck. Comboing without including an Efficiency Committee is hard, and getting 6 advancements for the Vanity Project is difficult to do in one pile too. I don't think its impossible, just hard, however my feeling is that the shipment from kaguyas will probably not be used as a result, so going -3 SFK, +1 SFSS, + vanity projects is the way to go. This lets you still use 3 JH to combo through this play (making it much easier on you) and leaves a reuse which is a super clutch card against anybody trying to lower your credit pool via Siphon/Vamp.