dyper 2.0.o8d

rotage 2620

This is the deck I took to the Northampton team tournament and our team came 2nd.

The deck itself went undefeated during the team event with 3 wins and 1 timed win.

The deck is similar to my previous versions of the deck where you build up to one build turn with multiple clicks using hyperdriver and all-nighter. Using ddos and false echo to ensure R&D is free to access, this time you use keyhole with medium for the multi access.

As before bookmark is used for when you draw excess cards with quality time, to provide net and meat damage protection and provide cards for Faust

I would use technical writer earlier for the installation of clone chips, leprechaun and hyperdrivers and then use keyhole for the initial 3 clicks of running before doing alterative runs with medium to trash either cybedex, ice or operations with keyhole and accessing using medium

29 Nov 2015 imrahil

Flask echo ddos on a 15 click turn with medium and keyhole is just plain mean.

29 Nov 2015 rotage

@imrahil yeah is a bit mean but I do try to mix up normal runs with keyhole runs, also it is possible for me to have a 16 click turn :)

29 Nov 2015 Swiftie

It was mean playing against a person with a broken arm in the last round, so much Keyhole shuffling...

29 Nov 2015 HolyMackerel

Economy? No Magnum Opus or other event econ? How do you get credits to install your stuff?

29 Nov 2015 rotage

Techincal writer is the key for money in this deck, if I get early it can easily make 10 credits during the game (1 astro labe, 1 leprechaun, 3 hyper driver, 2 clone chips, 1 medium, 1 key hole, 1 false echo, 1 bookmark)

Also with Kates ability you don't need to spend money on very much, all you have to pay for is 1 for leprechaun, 4 for keyhole and 3 for medium and any quality times you have to use.

30 Nov 2015 evilgaz

This deck makes me laugh every time I see it. I laugh even more when someone comes up to me and starts the conversation with "I don't know what just happened, he had three Hyperdrivers out..."

30 Nov 2015 rotage

@evilgaz Lol, thanks. Glad to see it is having a 'positive' effect on people. Working on v2.1 which I may take to a GNK I am going to soon....

1 Dec 2015 homeiss

This deck looks amazing and I look forward to trying it out. What do you do if there is more than 3 pieces of ice on R&D and you've used all 3 clone chips on false echo?

1 Dec 2015 rotage

@homeiss Thanks, let me know how you get on. Well for 3 pieces of ice you just need 2 false echos as once the last piece of ice remains DDOS will still fire on that. You can deal with 7 pieces of ice, 3 false echo, 3 clone chips to remove 6 of the ice and then DDOS for the remaining ice. In my games so far most people either use 1 or 2 pieces of ice, rarely I have seen 3, never more than 3

Ideally you don't want to install the False Echo's, DDOS etc as it shows your hand and although people guess its R&D dig they never guess DDOS, however with this deck getting a few views now it may be obvious, so if someone starts heavily icing R&D I'd be tempted to start installing the pieces to save clicks for the big run, unless they have a Eden scored it will get very expensive for them to install the ice

9 Dec 2015 futureguy

Looks like a great deck to play.

Can you explain that one turn in more detail? Click-by-click? For example, with CT Bagbiter, clicks 1 and 2 are Gameday etc etc.

9 Dec 2015 futureguy

In addition, did you consider running it out of CT for the smaller deck or was the econ provided by Kate's ID too good to turn down?

9 Dec 2015 rotage

@futureguy Thanks

Before the big run you need 3 hyper driver installed and some all-nighters installed, and at least 10 credits, however I generally only run once I have 20 credits to allow me to steal NAPD's, trash upgrades on R&D. If possible I will take money off techincal writer the turn before the big run, but if money is tight then you can use it on the turn with the big run to get a bit more money by installing Medium, Keyhole and False Echo

So before your turn begins you play all 3 hyperdrivers and then use your 3 all nighters (assuming you installed all 3) you should then have 16 clicks (4+3+3+3+1+1+1)

Clicks 1-4: Install Keyhole, Medium, DDOS, False Echo (if only 1 ice on R&D then don't install false echo) Immediately trash DDOS (I have forgotten to do this once!)

Click 5: If no upgrade on R&D then keyhole R&D, if there is an upgrade then run R&D normally to clear the upgrade. You use False echo during the run and use clone chip(s) if required

Click 6-8: Keyhole R&D

Click 9: Run R&D normally

Click 10: Keyhole R&D

Click 11: Run R&D normally

Click 12: Keyhole R&D

Then just alternate between keyhole runs and normal R&D runs, this way you are seeing new cards every other turn and trashing cards on the other turns

This is a rough plan and most games it deviates slightly, if there is no unrezzed assets on the board and no jacksons rezzed then you could use keyhole to trash agendas, otherwise I trash Cyberdex and any ice or operations I see

9 Dec 2015 rotage

@futureguy I considered CT but I don't need the extra MU, the money saved by Kate is quite a lot, about 9-10 credits a game. Finally not sure what 5 cards I could cut from the deck