Sandbox Asa

Pinsel 2567

A more refined version of Asa, which should be better than the Asa that I took to worlds. NGO and Slot Machines are just better than Quest.

11 Nov 2020 Diogene

The deck was phenomenal at World and it stays phenomenal now.

For my education : why not use the combo Mason Bellamy + Border Control instead of Lakshmi Smartfabrics? With a big HQ, would it not make sure the runner can run only once?


12 Nov 2020 Pinsel

The problem with Mason Bellamy is that you need very specific circumstances for the card to have any impact. Mason can only protect an important agenda if you have a triple ICE'd remote, and one ICE has to be a Border Control. And after using the BC, it becomes dead weight because the runner can go in last click. Lakshmi on the other hand requires almost no effort to safely score any agenda because you just need one extra rez. It can also protect agendas in every server and not just the one you installed it in.

So, it requires a lot more setup to score with mason Mason, and Lakshmi can do the same but with less hassle and Lakshmi doesn't fall off without BC.