50 good cards shop - 2nd at Euros

dome_ 599

This is my Val list I played at Euros and ended 2nd with. It is a fairly standard Val list but with 3 Stimhacks and one Same Old Thing that my friend suggested a day before the tournament. Val has a good matchup across the field, so playing it seemed like a solid choice. Aumakua and Data Sucker are good against rush, the Stimhacks and SoT against repeatedly spaming behind archers.

Two Indexings (or even 3 if you want ) are so important. Double Indexing won me at least two games and you really want to see one early, if you play against rush, that leaves R&D open.

In the end I am not sure if Dirty Laundy was the cut for that Same Old Thing. In the tournament I never used the Retrieval Run and I never used more then one Mining Accident. Against some Rush decks you do not need the Mining Accidents anyway. So I thing cutting one of these would have been a bit better.

The best cards in the deck for the whole weekend were: The Turning Wheel, Mad Dash, Indexing. That seems obivous but I can't stress enough, how much I love these cards.

I am overall very pleased with my result and I am looking forward for Euros 2019.

Thanks to everyone I played. Thanks to the Berlin crew for the support. Thanks to the judges and streamers/commentators/podcasters. You made this event to a brilliant one and I hope I will see you soon (sooner or later).

5 Jun 2018 Saan

I love how you're like "2 Indexing is really important," and Chris Dyer, who only finished 1 place behind you is like "Well, I cut second Indexing because X Y and Z were too important." The best part about this is that probably neither of you are wrong, you both just went different ways with it. Val's a great, versatile deck.

5 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

Very solid list, but can we stop calling decks "Shop" if they don't include Aesop's? Personal Workshop is gone and so therefore is StimShop. Your deck is an extremely well tuned Good Stuff Val deck.

6 Jun 2018 count_slackula

It was a pleasure to watch over your shoulder for that game against Chris Dwyer in the semi-finals! Well done :)))

6 Jun 2018 dome_

@Saan Yeah. I guess we both are right - results are speaking for itself. For my personal experience, I really like the Mad Dash and double Indexing. But I will give Chris' list also a try and maybe the perfect list ist something in between :)
@RepoRogue Sorry. I wanted to call this deck "shop" because I laughed everytime when there is a deck called Shop on NRDB. I have no idea why and so I named this deck shop, too.
@count_slackula You're absolutly welcome. I was so freaking nervous in this game. I hope you had great fun at Euros!

6 Jun 2018 RotomAppliance

Thanks for the games at Euros Dom, you played well and were a great sport.

+1 support for putting shop in all decknames unnecessarily.

7 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

@dome_ No need to apologize! Your own amusement is a perfectly valid reason to include "shop" in your deck name. I was honestly just disappointed that you weren't Aesops, because that would have been weird and unique out of Val. And actually, with the bad publicity and the re-installable/cheap conspiracy breakers, it might not be completely terrible.