Stealth Andy Deck- Forever Knight Games WA

bluebird503 1973

3-1 At Forever Knight Games Store Championship.

R1 Loss to HB with Punitive Counterstrike R2 Win against HB with IT Department R3 Win against HB (Next Design) with IT Department R4 Win against NEH SCorch

Nothing special about the deck, I played two inside job. It wasn't my original list. Solid deck, switchblade was quite good. My first time playing with it.

2 Jan 2015 AwesomeElephant8

Can Silencer really be used for Switchblade?

2 Jan 2015 magikot

`@AwesomeElephant8 Silencer can definitely be used to power Switchblade. Switchblade is a killer and silencer is a stealth hardware that powers killers. Ghost Runner and Cloak powers it as well.

11 Jan 2015 hypomodern

Why wouldn't Silencer work with Switchblade?