mcbeast 1018

This deck is stupid. It makes Netrunner fun again as it was when IG54 was a thing. It gives your brain super aids and cancer to your playmat. This deck makes Satan cry for being too evil.


The testimonials are crystal clear:

"Wow, that card is so stupid"
"fuck you"
"shit just gave me cancer"
"thanks for ruining my day asshole"

Gameplan is simple:

  1. Put on the album Slaughtercult from Exhumed on the highest volume possible on repeat. If you have it on vinyl, that gives you better grind-feeling.
  2. Mulligan for no agendas in hand.
  3. Put out stupid ice that gives the runner damage.
  4. Use Neural EMP to snipe some cards.
  5. Use Ark Lockdown for Paperclip, Black Orchestra, Levy, or anything recursion.

Potential Unleashed is not made for asset-spam. It's made for grind and professional 360 no-scope-sniping. If you follow this simple plan the Runner will have a bad time, but you will not! And that's the most important part of Netrunner; ruining the game for everyone else.


EDIT: Thanks everyone for your feedback, edits and suggestions! I'm taking all to account and will try them out for future updates. I also forgot to mention my friend @gtm for making the first iteration of this deck, which I then stole and made my own. Screw you gtm, I made this.

EDIT2: Mission completed, ruined Netrunner for everyone!

31 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

What do you do if the runner doesn't run, ever, unless there is an advanced card in the remote?

31 Oct 2016 mcbeast

@x3r0h0ur - In those situations, just ICE up, score out one or both House of Knives, and go for the big-agendas. GFI is of course "better" to lose than an installed TFP. With two HoK + an Hokusai Grid in a remote, the milling is real when the Runner decides to run.

31 Oct 2016 MrAaronSA

Maybe it's just because IG54 was so terrible to play against, but I actually think this deck looks fine for casual play. The toxic combo of Hostile Infrastructure and Museum of History isn't here, so you won't have to worry about an endless flood of assets you can't trash.

Does that mean I'm evil?

31 Oct 2016 Fentonizer


31 Oct 2016 mcbeast

@MrAaronSA - Yes, you will always be evil when playing this deck. If you're about to lose (which you never will be with this monstrosity if you play it correctly), you can always kick down your opponent, or call them out in your prefered internet forum for being a loser. Never ever EVER show yourself weak.

31 Oct 2016 CactusJack

Better than the Prison IG archetype that people have been using with this ID.

31 Oct 2016 Eji1700

Why no fetal? I know density is a thing, but it's great for when they finally decide to run because you install advance, advance, and then hit a breaker on the mill.

31 Oct 2016 mcbeast

@Eji1700 - Yes, Fetal does damage - when the Runner scores it and get points. I prefer HoK as you can score it quite easy, and snipe a total of 6 cards on one HoK, while Fetal takes away 3 cards if the Runner doesn't have Film Critic out. My preference, please feel free to try out different builds as you see fit :)

31 Oct 2016 zeroshift

@mcbeastNo consideration for Fetal AI?

31 Oct 2016 zeroshift

So, I am currently trying this with the following changes and logic:

-3 Himitsu-Bako +3 Vanilla - This is only a gear check, I do not see the need to spend 2 creds for the extra strength

-2 Aiki +2 Cortex Lock - mostly preference, but also it can just kill alot of greedo runners.

-1 House -1 Future Perfect +2 Fetal AI - Fetal just seems better, and if the grind goes on long enough you can just lock them out of any runs, again mostly preference, but I would love to hear your thoughts on all of the above.

31 Oct 2016 zeroshift


1 Nov 2016 mcbeast

@zeroshift - The reason I use Himitsu-Baku is because of Parasites and Paperclip; Vanilla dies instantly to Parasites, while with Himitsu you can bounce back the Ice to your hand, and then replace it. Same thing with Paperclip: the Runner can not install Paperclip if he/she is not encountering a Barrier. Therefore you can bounce Himitsu when there's a Paperclip in the bin until you got time to take it away with an Ark (this have worked too many times).

Cortex Lock could work, yes, but it very rare that the Runner checks an Ice without an Sentry breaker against Jinteki. y0g nullifies Aiki, but a full rig nullifies Cortex Lock. Haven't tried but will test it out.

Changing those agendas seems like a smart move, definitly will try that.


1 Nov 2016 zeroshift


Komainu + House of Knives is a kill if komainu can resolve, I am currently back on 2 HoK and 2 Komainu over the Cortex locks.

If you have a scored HoK, you kill them at 3.1 with an activation over the top of the komainu

1 Nov 2016 zeroshift


So, finding from play so far, Hokusai grid is really underwhelming, it costs 2 and gets trashed normally after one activation.. It is a bad 'Shock!'. I really want Fetal AI in the deck, it's essentially snare 4-6 and trap 7-9, also being 2 points reallyis good, it maintains the 4 agendas for runner to find, the drawback is having to go to 9 agendas, i think the benefit is worth it, the math on density isn't that much worse for what is gained.

Everyone has so much money that hokusai just doesn't cut the mustard. So my agenda suite is now 3 Fetal, 1 TFP, 2 HoK and 3 GFI, cutting the 3rd hokusai for the space.

removing the other 2 hokusai leaves 2 slots for other toys, since economy isn't really an issue for us, the choices come down to Batty, or Project Junebug, i'm toying with Junebug for now. Link to my current list is below: netrunnerdb.com

2 Nov 2016 Sedatedfork

not sure if you got the econ for it, but how about changing single hokusai for a georgia that you can protect by bouncing it from server to server. Sure, she gets turned off by rumor mill, but super fun to put her in the same server as hokusai and be more evil.

5 Nov 2016 ADjinNTonic

Why do you have to make AIDS and cancer jokes?

5 Nov 2016 Mechanoise

@tageborkoff agreed. Deck name is pretty damn tasteless.

5 Nov 2016 Mordeqai

I called dibs on that gif months ago.

But cool deck! I've been waiting for PU to make the front page, and it didn't take long!

6 Nov 2016 cursor

Deck name is pathetic.

6 Nov 2016 codychilton13

I mean if you don't like the name, don't play the deck. If you like the deck, then just play it without the name. Am I right?

6 Nov 2016 DrunkAlex

@mcbeast: Maybe An Offer You Can't Refuse as alternative for Hokusai Grid? That kind of solves the problem of runners not running. The deck is full of snares/shocks and net damage ice, so I'm sure there is a juicy server target. It also helps you with closing the game, as in my experience its pretty hard with trap decks.

6 Nov 2016 Kharn the Betrayer

When I brewed for potential unleashed lockdown didn't exist. Forcing the runner to play without breakers - way to make netrunner brutal.

7 Nov 2016 mifu

Agreed, comrades! We must stop those pesky nerdbears naming their decks in the wrong way! We owe that to all cancer patients around the world! Great deck, playing it without hokusai and snare, adding bioethics and preemptive action for recursion goodness.

7 Nov 2016 mcbeast

@tageborkoff, @Mechanoise, @cursor: youtu.be

7 Nov 2016 Mattsetback

Deck looks interesting, I might play around with it. Shame the name came from some super edgy kids.

7 Nov 2016 scd

This deck making DOTW and it's stupid deckname are pushing back me to Meteor for good.

7 Nov 2016 ClubbingSealCub

Tubular name, dude. 10/10 deck, been facing it on jinteki and it's annoying as hell. Some program destruction would go a long way, too. Have you tried 1x Cobra / Assassin?

7 Nov 2016 mcbeast

@DrunkAlex AOYCR is a nice touch for this kind of deck, yes, haven't tried it yet but will. Although the 1 AP you get if the Runner decides not to run is not really worth it if you only have one of, as you at least need two in the deck to make the Runner make difficult choices, and also make the AP worth something.

@ClubbingSealCub Will try changing one DNA Tracker for an Assassin, just to see how it goes. In my opinion I think that Chrysalis is a better choice than Cobra, as Chrysalis also works as a pseudo-Snare! and is more taxing for Mongoose and GS Shrike M2. If I was going with Marcus Batty I would slot Cobras instead, yes.

My current build has +1 Best Defense and -1 Restructure. Thinking of cutting one Hokusai Grid for one more BD, will see about that.

17 Nov 2016 meta4

The problem I see with a deck like this is if the runner knows you aren't playing any traps, they can just sit back and wait for you to advance something in a server, then run and steal it. You don't ever have to a run a central server to win against this deck as runner. This is especially true for Val. If your game plan is to just sit back and never run until the corp advances something in a remote, then blackmail that remote, the runner will easily win. Runner will never encounter an ice or hit a shock or snare all game, and any Val deck can do this strategy. I think you should play at least one Junebug so you don't end up auto losing to runners that use that strategy. You say that with 2 HoK and 1 Hokusai you'll get a lot of mills when they do run. While that is true, it's the only damage you'll be doing to them since they won't be hitting you snares, shocks or ice.