3 A.M.ison - 22nd Uk Nats 2022

Baa Ram Wu 1694

This deck is dedicated as to the 3am Esports crew from UK Nats 2022!

The only 2 for 1 it accepted all day was on Cans of Red stripe

3 AM Crew!

The backstory

I built this deck for President of servers as my team (House of the Drago) were all playing Drago decks - I had been playing round with Drago Jemison previously and having lots of fun however I threw this version of the deck together the day before leaving for Sheffield having 'tested' it twice at our weekly meetup. I had no intention of playing this for the main event, but after going 3 wins 1 draw at POS - I couldn't resist playing it again for the main event.

Very happy with this decision as it went 4w 1d 2L on the day, finishing 22nd and top Jemison (from FIVE!!)

3 A M?

This deck has 3 individual win cons and has some really wild lines (including a turn 2 kill - see below) everyone of its win cons were used in multiple games across the weekend:

Listed in increasing power level:

Win Con #1 - Rigshooter: Most effective vs Criminal, we have some Nasty Ice, SDS Drone Deployment and a copy of Retribution and can often pretty much lock certain runners out/slow them down enough to get one of our other win cons off - SDS is pretty safe in the late game if you can peel away programmes.

Red level is great here as it can mean Fast Advancing an SDS from hand with an Oberth or install and double advancing a Drago and still having a click to retribution!

Retribution is also there as tag me tech to deal with Obelus's

Win Con #2 - Scoring out: You have Oberth and audacity and the ability to FA 5/3's - If the runner falls behind or can't challenge the remote you can often score out very fast.

Win Con #3 - The Flashy Combo Kill This can be done with storing cards in your remote, however you have all the pieces to pull this combo off from hand (easier with a couple of Atlas counters, but doable without)

The combo being - Red Level install Drago (take click), Red level install Oberth (take click), Rez oberth (sacking Hositle/atlas) Gaining 2-3 counters, advance (+oberth adv), Boom!

If you manage to store an oberth/drago in the remote you can do this with 1 less red level and if you can score an SDS (not that hard tbh) you need 1 less red level also (as you gain 4 counters from Jemi)

You can TECHNICALLY win turn 2 with this deck - If you opener + muligan is Hostile, 2x RLC, oberth, drago, + Boom! and they don't run HQ and trash anything you have everything you need (and enough money) to pop off turn 2!

Games on the Day:

President of Servers:

I don't remember the games exactly from Friday but I know I won 2 due to Combo Kills, 1 due to complete lockout (against Crim - trashed their Amina early doors, scored behind triple adv mausolus) and the draw was due to scoring out and time

Main Event

Game 1 - Win vs Ryan H on Adam

This is the one game from the weekend I don't really remember - I'm pretty sure I scored out as No Free Lunch's were stopping shenanigans,,, but I couldn't be sure

Game 2 - Win vs Cahuita on Adam

Cahuita installs an Engolo with emergent early on... which I dutifully trash with Drago + retribution, then start picking off her directives (with nothing but codegates installed on every server) and eventually rack up multiple Drago counters and boom!

Game 3 - Draw Vs Tom Smith on Freedom

Tom gets really set up, and I can't find a boom for the life of me even though I have other combo pieces in hand (should have just spent the RLC on FAing an atlas) he runs HQ when time is called missing the 2 in 5 agendas and I score a hostile on my last turn for the somewhat undeserved draw!

Game 4 - Win Vs IceColdJazz on Zhaya

Austin starts taking tags clearly assuming (from the fact he's seen RLC's) that im on pure FA - I get an Atlas with 2 counters turn 4.... we don't get past turn 5

Game 5 - Loss vs LostGeek on Wu

A game I feel could have gone either way and I definitely made some errors which potentially cost me the game - Trashed an early boat and had a Drago in a pretty unbreachable server (archer into mausolus into Border Control - The allure of the drago got me and I dug and dug for boom (not finding one) when I could have just been scoring out. Eventually I start to push but too late and LG wins off a deep dive.

Game 6 - Win vs Andrew Wright on Hoshiko

Andrew got the pleasure of seeing the full combo in all its glory when I draw everything I need by turn 6 and shenanigans into Boom!

Game 7 - Loss vs Chris Ferg on reg 419

I keep a slightly risky hand and score a Hostile turn 1, get punisjed (as expected) by turn 1 doof, but then a turn 2 Stargate instal put me in a really tough spot - I RLC and oberth to trash the Stargate with SDS - but i'm then behind on tempo and money and Chris rips 6 points off an unprotected R&D in 2 turns


Massive thankyous to PaulyG for running an incredible weekend and all the Judges and TO's who made it happen, big up the House of the Drago Crew and rest of Bristol Meta, Brandon (The King), Drop Bear Lair and all my opponents on the day!

It was a true pleasure getting to meet a load of you face to face for the first (and definitely not the last, time!!!)

1 Dec 2022 Cliquil

I am glad someone took this and repped Jemison as it should be repped - not as an ID just for rush like I, wrongly, did, but as an avenue for shennanigans. I will admit I had assumed NFL would shut down and Jemison Drago nonsense, but clearly I was wrong. Congratulations again, and lovely to meet you!

1 Dec 2022 Utati

What was the reasoning for going with no standoffs in jemison?

1 Dec 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@Cliquil- No Free Lunch is indeed a problem - and sometimes you just go for the score out as shenanigans are off the table. Otherwise - force them to use it and make them clear out the Drago!

1 Dec 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@Utati- This is an excellent question!

So there’s no Standoff in this deck as the combos (almost) all revolve around you receiving 2 counters when you Rez the Oberth, and Stand-off only gives you 1.

Whilst they can still be useful to Rez Tithoniums/Archers they didn’t lead into the ultimate game plan of the deck so I cut them!

1 Dec 2022 ExtraC

The only 2 for 1 it accepted all day was on Cans of Red stripe


1 Dec 2022 Limes

Love this list! 3 Booms seem like a lot, though - what do you think about swapping one for something like a malapert data vault?

2 Dec 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Thanks @Limes - as one of the big win cons is a combo, and you often have the combo on line much earlier than you may expect I like to have 3 for consistency (and I had the win available for so many turns against Lostgeek but just could draw a boom for the life of me)

I like the idea of Malapert - but all of the combo pieces except Red level clearance are incredibly trash-able (at 1 or 2c) so I don’t think I would feel great about tutoring them in case the runner just tunnels HQ next turn and trashes them all!

2 Dec 2022 anarchomushroom

drinking a bar dry of red stripe is going on my CV