The Boat G.O.A.T.: 4-0 @ Carcosa Club Startup Circuit Opener

Shiiuga 1265

This deck went 4-0 today at Carcosa Club in Brooklyn, piloting me to 5th place, just missing the cut on SoS because my corp deck was hot ass and went 1-3.

This deck is scrappy and won at least two of the matches at the last possible moment. There's a lot I would change.

There wasn't as much FA as I was expecting, so I think I'd drop the clot, the Docklands and one 'rang for 2x Bravado and a second Simulchip or third Deep Dive.

Early Earthrise is bonkers good because it's just free card draw all game if you can keep charging it. If it doesn't turn up before turn 4 though it becomes more of a tempo hit. Maybe some Career Fairs would help with that?

I was surprised by Into the Depths. It's great value if you run a two ice server, especially with boat tokens to break stuff.

25 Jul 2022 JohnnyMilton

Kim Petras fans sound off

25 Jul 2022 mrteatime66

Thanks so much for publishing - this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for but too lazy/incompetent to build myself. Can't wait to play it at our meetup this week. Cheers!

25 Jul 2022 Maƫlig

How do you generate the extra click for deep dive ? Or do you not care about the second access ?

25 Jul 2022 Shiiuga

You don't really. Influence could be spent on making that happen somehow I guess but there were no times during the day that I wanted to spend a second click.

27 Jul 2022 TheMadjai

Use Upya

27 Jul 2022 Shiiuga

I'd rather use Updog.

27 Jul 2022 Shiiuga

(Upya isn't legal in Startup.)

3 Sep 2022 x3r0h0ur

Kushyuk is better than deep dive in these dex, I've found, after testing. One big run is so much easier