🦈 Ghöst Shörk Ådåm*, 1st at BCom (6-3)*

Jakuza 652

Or basically NWE Worlds Adam with bad last minute changes.

Heading into BCom 2022, I wasn’t planning to play in the main event. The previous two weeks had been quite stressful and sometimes quite anxiety filled, so in runup I decided to take things easy. The plan was to have a nice mini vacation, see good friends, and play some casual non stakes Netrunner on the side. Team event on Friday because team events are the best, sightseeing run during the main, something something Sunday.

How different things turned out.

On the Friday evening it turned out the field for the main consisted of 39 players, which left me with no choice. I count Mar, the TO, among my bestest of friends and as a fellow organizer I couldn’t leave her hanging, so I decided to drop in to get the field to a nice round 40 players. I even registered under a smurf as I was just planning to drop after 1-2 rounds. Big problem now was to figure out what runner to play, as I wasn’t enjoying runners for the past few months. Deep Dive Lat felt too inconsistent and “just sits there drawing cards”, Crim hasn’t been feeling quite right since we lost 419, Big Maxx is strong but hadn’t yet clicked for me. In these cases I usually revert to either Sunny in a slow meta, or Adam in a fast meta. So Adam it was.

Taking NWE Adam as a baseline I made some last minute changes (bad ones: don’t do this) and went into the event with zero games played as my runner during the past 3-4 months. Also maybe don’t do this. This became extra apparent during the fourth round as it was only then that I re-realized you can turn off your most problematic directive by running archives first.

Changes made: -1 Misdirection (again: don’t do this, the universe will punish you for it by making you face CtM with ARES three times), -2 Sports Hopper, -1 Political Operative, +1 Light The Fire (you need more than 1 to make it worth it), +2 Multithreader, +1 Career Fair. End conclusion: Just play original NWE Adam, or make more drastic changes.

On the deck side thanks go out to Asger (TugtetguT) for the baseline list.

On the event side of things thanks go out to Peter, Mar and Vesper for organizing a beauty of event and welcoming me (back) to Barcelona in the bestest and warmest of ways. Also thanks to the rest of the Spanish community who were just lovely.

6 Apr 2022 pspacekitten