The Invincible Whizzard (with comprehensive piloting guide)

Solforger 242

Edit: version 2 here

Well...not completely invincible but I have about a 20-3 track record with this deck (mostly on OCTGN). Two losses to a Weyland Accelerated Diagnostics combo with Power Shutdown and Scorched and another loss to an HB FA deck in which my opponent managed to beta test (2x) a 5 deep super ice remote which cost me over 20 credits to get into.

  • Starting Hand: ideal would be 2 econ, 1 hostage, 1 special order, random icebreaker. I will mulligan if I do not see an econ card or a breaker.

  • Ideal rig: Datasucker, 3 breakers, nerve or keyhole

  • Hostage: getting out Pro Contacts in the first three turns is key, it will help you set up your rig fast and enable you to keep a steady flow of burst econ cards. The first hostage will definitely be to find pro contacts, Katie second.

  • Datasucker/Mimic: If you can get an early data sucker, it will make your mimic unbeatable. If you can't get an early datasucker, install crypsis (and leave out Yog) so you will never be locked out to get Datasucker tokens when everything is iced up.

  • Crypsis: against sentry heavy decks I prefer to run a combo of crypsis and mimic instead of Yog and mimic. Crypsis will get you past codegates just fine and will make sure you keep getting datasucker tokens for when you run out. When the datasucker is filled up again switch to mimic.

  • Keynote/Nerve Agent: you will only have room to install one or the other and you should only install one of them anyway. Attack the weakest server and when they ice that up heavily just trash keyhole/nerve agent and install the other one. I can't yell you how many games I've won in one turn with this move. Early keyholes will destroy Jinteki and Weyland damage builds.

  • Why no parasite?: I have another version of this deck with three parasites instead of imps which works fine as well but in the end I rarely used parasite because without clone chips/SMCs they are just to click intensive.

  • Imp: use imp to trash ice, scorched, econ cards and use Whizzards recurring creds to trash assets like Jackson, pads and ashes.

  • It is important to face check the first ice in front of centrals in your first 2 turns before installing breakers. This way you can special order the breaker you need to get into one of them. If you don't want to do this (against Jinteki for example) special order Crypsis as your first breaker, though you also need mimic to deal with swordsman and be completely safe (but who needs safe all the time, live a little!).

  • This deck will net you a LOT of money and I've out moneyed NBN and GRNDL decks without problems but it will slow you down. In these cases I like to take some risks and use imp to trash key combo cards (keyhole can also be used for this of course). Sometimes this means you will end turns with a 10 credit gap (between you and the corp) and can be in danger but I'd rather be an active runner and occasionally flatline than only use clicks for money (though you can and you will keep up with the corp if you do). Collecting money only is not playing Netrunner anyway, it is you being a scared little !*@& (and I'm guilty of that one as well :D).

10 Apr 2014 Thorge

Why Whizzard?

10 Apr 2014 Solforger

Easy, you know all those taxing corp decks that are all the rage nowadays? You demolish them! Or as one NBN player once typed in agony on OCTGN: "...this deck is meant to tax the runner but is does nothing...".

10 Apr 2014 omegalife2002

I haven't played this deck yet, but at least in the Seattle meta, a lot of corps are using SSCG, Pad, Ash, Hokusai Grid, etc. Honestly, now is a great time for Whizzard... except when they lay down Weyland. :P

12 Apr 2014 CodeMarvelous

that person you played was me. It was against my Insufficient funds deck where I play all expensive assets

12 Apr 2014 Thorge

I played this today in a Chronos Protocol tournament. It was solid but a great problem was the lack of surprise elements in this deck. And I had mucho problemas against GRNDL.

12 Apr 2014 Solforger

Ha, nice that you took it to the tournament! I would think that switching between keyhole and nerve can be surprising. I have tpo agree though that against big money/damage combo decks you lose the ability to use those tricks safely. You can still win by out moneying the corp although it's somewhat of a slog. Also, I'm surprised by the amount of people that saw this deck. Three times now an opponent on OCTGN said "hey, is that the deck you put up on" or "so, when is keyhole coming"...yeah that kind of takes away the surprise :D

14 Apr 2014 chill84

Hey SF. Fellow wizzerd here. Why dont you cut 3 hostages and add 2 pro contacts a katie jones then do something better with your inf like run desperados? 6 inf on tutors for a 2 inf card seems wasteful especially since theres no good reason to hostage for katjo before pro contacts and now you can drop contacts turn 1 without having to click for money to hostage then click twice to hostage proco