Smelly Tags (24th at NtscapeNavigator's SC)

HiddenAway 884

After a disastrous start, managed to grind out a few wins. The idea of the deck is to force the runner to remain tagged at the end of a remote run or multi-access run and punish with Retribution or Self Growth Program to give you a window.

General issues

Retribution is not great in an Anarch heavy meta so can be swapped out for something else. 1 Snare should be enough as well. Spin Doctor is needed if Apocalypse is in the meta (right now it is). Public Trail might not be as important as I first thought since the aim is for the runner to be left tagged at the end of runs rather than proactively tagging them. ICE suite needs a good overhaul. I couldn't find much better than F2P for sentries so you could look at importing a sentry or 2 from another faction.

Thanks to Aki and the rest of the NISEI team for hosting a great event with 70 players!

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