Professional Leela - 1st at FB3 Store Championship

RotomAppliance 2876

This is the Leela deck I took to 1st at the FB3 SC last weekend. I wanted a sustainable enough mid to lategame economy to stay in the game against Palana/Aginfusion while still retaining the trickery to get into remotes early and keep up with decks using assets, hence the 3 Miss Bones. I was still expecting at least a bit of ASA, and also some RP Prison using Hostile Infrastructure and Turtlebacks. Miss Bones still retains some utility against Jinteki glacier while trashing Jinja Grids and Crisium Grids in some other matchups, while the matchups where Miss Bones is dead (mainly Argus and The Outfit) are unpopular at the moment.

When Salvaged Memories hit I had a gnk the very next day and tried this list with Parasite, with the aim of killing Border Controls and some of the NEXT Ice suites people would inevitably try. It was OK but only getting 1 use is disappointing and I sometimes ran into MU problems if I drew it late. Indexing fits much better, making for an excellent hail mary or punishing early R&Ds being left open.

As usual, if it's too slow, one could replace the 3 Proco with 3 Diesel. You could also go with Earthrise if you like Indexing enough to want 2-3 copies. I was happy enough with the deck as it is, though.

It went 3-0 in Swiss and 1-0 in the cut, beating Palana, Palana, PE and Sports.

20 Jan 2021 Longi

Hey, congrats on the clean result. I really like the analytic approach here. From your perspective do you feel that Citadel Sanctuary is more useful than No one home? Like you said, Agrus and Outfit are scarce now, but I feel that Sea Source is still a relevant threat. Also, how useful was Caldera? Does the deck generate enough money to feed it?

20 Jan 2021 RotomAppliance

Hi Longi! It's always close between Citadel and No one home, I haven't really encountered any Sea Source, but if your meta has it then no one home is likely the better choice. I think Citadel is better for sustained trashing with Miss Bones against CTM, but it didn't come up in this tournament.

Caldera was relevant in round 3 against PE. Between Proco and Rezeki you generate plenty of money to keep using it.

8 Feb 2021 hugeheadliang

I was struggling with runner decks since salvaged memories came out, then I found this deck. Seems the best-performing one in the current meta. The only problem is I found myself using Dirty Laundry and Bravado as expensive Easy Mark too often and sometimes the corp played around Falsified Credentials, so I switched some for Career Fair. still testing the perfect ratio tho