Ms.Jank (1st Place Toronto SC)

Mr.Jank 272

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As children we all dreamed of becoming doctors, policemen, astronauts... For me it was to be a thief... Instead somehow ended up becoming a Hairdresser (if your in need of one Matthew Genser Salon + Wellness Spa). Netrunner allows my criminal mind to work as it was intended to. Building decks and finding harmonies drives me nuts yet satisfies me in a way that is very hard to describe. Developing a reputation from fellow hackers as Mr. Jank since when you face me it's different, I don't want to play the game your way, with your meta and your tier 1 decks. I wanna have fun doing my nonsense instead :)
I also hate Plascrete and Clot. This deck really is so much fun to play and feels like a roller coaster. Doppelganger works beautifully with Tenmujin & Dirty Laundry to make money faster as well as to give you a chance to run after a Siphon into a server they might not be able to afford protecting anymore. Spy Cam harmonizes with Fisk. Pop it! No agenda? Fisk then run in and check. Blockade Runner helps with getting things faster and being able to put your Levy back is priceless! Facing yellow decks can feel really poopy lately so the Lam helps. If you loose it no problem just SOT it back. Host on Blockade Runner or Guru, on zero cost resources it becomes a Best Defense target (learned this the hard way). Guru protects you from Boom and some other nasty surprises. Things like Psychic Fields, Ronin, ect. Hades and Eden shard are mostly to help mess up Power Shutdown decks. I really enjoy a turn that goes: Fisk, Siphon, Doppel onto rnd install Eden, Networking clear tags. Corp turn just as they finish 3rd click pop Eden to force them to discard 2 extra cards. follow that up with a legwork. The Siphon spam is almost guaranteed from the beginning of any match up because you can Special Order Faust and use your hand to get in. It isn't generally expected and a first turn successful Siphon gets the victory ball rolling in the right direction.
Faust keeps the pressure on early and saves you money. Fly through the deck till your done Fisking & Siphoning your little heart out :) then Levy and it starts all over again. There are some bad match ups but craziness is rewarded. At top cut I was 4th placed against ETF with some bloody strong ice. That new unique Fairchild wrecked me but if it wasn't for that loss I don't believe I would have won the rest. From the loser bracket I won with this poop) then was up against the same ETF. This time I said screw it and just made sure he couldn't get enough money to rez those bloody Fairchilds. Two times I siphoned through a Ichi 1.0 followed by a Wall Of Static. Ichi hitting my Paperclip followed by a reinstall to break the Wall and leave him creditless. R&D accesses and a well timed legwork caught me that game. The final match I honestly don't remember that well and after over 7 hours of non stop Netrunner what a head ache. This game is really something special!!! If I could win with my fun homebrew than you can too. It's not always the best deck that wins and I don't think this is the best deck but it's mine and that gives me a satisfaction that I hope you can experience also. Just never give up, keep on trying and watch your opponents and learn from what they do. Sometimes playing against them is better than playing for yourself. Build tons of new decks maybe 1 out of 10 will be good. Play every faction. Don't allow losing to make you loose your joy of the game. Practicing with my new friend Fan who started playing around a month ago has helped me a lot. You don't need to train with the best. Just have fun and think for 5-20$ at GNKs-Nationals usually over 4 hours of gruely entertainment we are playing for rubber mats, cardboard alt arts and plastic tokens. When you loose you will learn more then when you win (you know how crappy it feels when you make that one stupid move that cost you the game). Eventually if you don't give up you will win!!!

Thank you fellow Netrunners I love you guys!

Special shout outs to Dien for my first playmat back when I couldnt win one! Jack For giving me the plastic Andy I always wanted! Please come out of retirement your decks are inspiring. Thank you Minh for you deserve to be paid for all you have done for our community. Watching you at worlds 2014 was one of my first netrunner memories. Hope to meet you at worlds 2017.

20 Dec 2016 otoconia

Kudos for diversification and for encouraging home-brewing

20 Dec 2016 tonybluehose

Love the write up and your philosophy to the game. I'm not sure if there's something in the air, but it seems like there's a good spread of "stronger-ish" decks across the Store Championship Season.


20 Dec 2016 grueble

You are an inspiration to my own jank-heart.

22 Dec 2016 dominionmundi

Career fair hades shard naked ftw

23 Dec 2016 shanodin

Nice! Well done :) looks like a fun list, might give it a try next time I get to play.

24 Dec 2016 d1en

Matthew has always and will be a playful soul in the world of Netrunner. As a Toronto local, he continues to inspire and challenge players with his homebrew decks. Matthew is a personal friend and my hairstylist, and I'm supremely happy to see him reach success this year. Congrats Matt, you deserve it!!

25 Dec 2016

@d1end1en confirmed best haircut in netrunner

31 Dec 2016 Gerrark

I love this deck. Played it once, it felt effortless. Perfectly aggressive crim stuff.