I hate Crowdfunding (Undefeated on Jnet)

Di4na 254

Targeted Marketing works on any install, not just on play from hand. Do you want your Crowdfunding infinite money bad enough to give me 30?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Now run through this Slot Machine every turn anyway, please and thank you...

Turns out Targeted Marketing is pretty good when every single runner deck uses the same economy. You can also use it on stuff revealed by Slot Machine, but it's more fun to watch their hope slowly drain away as their noninfinite money runs dry.

23 Dec 2018 Pinkwarrior

Got to say i like it, Targeted marketing going into all decks now :)

29 Dec 2018 pr1metim3

I wondered when somebody put out what monster TM is. Like the synergy with the chosen ID. Nice deck :thumbs up:

2 Jan 2019 SneakdoorMelb

Looks good! Tried it out a few times and was really fun. I'm going to give the same basic shell a shot in the 6 agenda Azmari shell, as I really dislike the Sol games where you just don't draw a current and end up with a blank ID all game.

3 Jan 2019 zmb

If you want to tech against Crowdfunding another good card is Death and Taxes