Nouveau Axiom (1st Store Champs, Edmonton Alberta)

CaKnuckleguy 365

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31 Jul 2017 CaKnuckleguy

I need to dig back and find who made this original idea, but I've been massaging it for a while and came out with this version that I took to an undefeated (as corp) win and 1st overall (9 player, 5 rounds) Store Champ level tournament.

Card comments and choices:

Wraparound is clutch against AI breakers quite often, and still fulfills the 'cheap barrier' theme. Ark Lockdown never saw use, but I've had success with it a few times on Jinteki in the past. Maaaaybe it could be Blacklist? I don't want to defend another remote. Housekeeping is annoying as heck to play around against Skorp. Tithonium was clutch once against a runner who was too poor to break it and thought I had put something small on archives. That being said...eeehhhh maybe only 1-of. Bulwark seemed better overall.

Play comments:

Rushing is a great strategy with this deck. Getting a quick Oaktown behind a vanilla is a fine line to play, double that if you have a Hunter Seeker in HQ already. Let the runner panic and try to find their Fractor before they have protection (SacCon). Hatchet Job + Salem's Hospitality means staying above the runners credits, but aside from that has NO OTHER CONDITIONS. No successful run. No need to lure them. They drop a Special Order and install a fractor? Bin it and RFG it forever. With simple event econ and very little else to invest your money into (6/9 agenda MAKE you money) it's often very easy to be richer than the runner if they are scrambling to keep up with you as you rush.

31 Jul 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Ah! There it is! It was @podoboyz99 design from back in june. Or at least that's when it placed. I can't be sure if I was toying around with the idea before and ended up in parallel development, or if this was just the list I found and worked from there. Either way, that's the credit that needs given.