Cluster Fox 513

This is basically Laurie's and Seamus' Skorp deck with a few changes. Swapped the Archers for Prisecs because Switchblade Smoke is running rampant in our meta, and I swapped a Wraparound for a third Rototurret which was a bad call. This rundown wil be brief.

ROUND 1 vs standard Smoke (@Sowriffs) - LOSS Did manage to Hunter Seeker the Paperclip and let him pay through a Wraparound with Dai V. Topdecked the Graft anyway.

ROUND 2 vs Adam (@mLodon) - WIN Got really lucky and RFG'ed his turtle with a Prisec. Scored out behind Mother Goddess. Gotta shout out to this deck for playing Festers and using Macrophage as a Siphon Replaement, cool beans.

ROUND 3 vs Apocalypse Steve (@Cop663) - WIN Rushed out to 5 points. Let him Apocalypse me a few times. Had an Audacity in hand and just drew for the Atlas.

ROUND 4 vs sorta Comrades Val (@SmokElmo) - WIN Rushed out behind Mother Goddess. He kept hitting an unprotected HQ for Turning Wheel counters. He knew I had the winning agenda behind the MoGo, and ran R&D with all his TTW counters. It was all up in the air, as the Graft was still in there. Didn't hit a single agenda, scored the Atlas for the win.

ROUND 5 vs standard Smoke (@Ryanbantwins) - LOSS Let's put it this way, I lost the Batty game on my Tithonium remote and it went downhill from there. Got to 6 points with Audacity on an Atlas, but the other Audacity was trashed because I also had it in hand. He made it to 6 points aswell, kept drawing for the last Hostile but his Notoriety was faster..