Marathon Kit

Two_EG 565

If you're sane enough and want to fight against asset spam decks with “Kit”, you should call an expert to let her trash corp's trashes.

I myself not so sane, so I decided to RUN myself.

2 Apr 2024 holzpubbnsubbe

The tryptich of awesomeness! I have tried time and time again to make the jank of Ghosttongue, Aeneas and Marathon work, but never quite made it. Is it time? Is it finally good?

3 Apr 2024 Two_EG

@holzpubbnsubbe It is just good as how Kit is, but just not good as Kit with Miss Bones :P

4 Apr 2024 holzpubbnsubbe

Probably so... but if Blighttown ever becomes popular, this is amazing tech ;)