Swiss Army Smoke remastered (4-1 @ Polish Nationals)

Odol 936

This is the most recent version of my Swiss Army Smoke archetype, that brought me to 1st place in Swiss and 3rd in the top cut in Polish Nationals.

The meta turned out to be very Weyland-oriented, so I ended up playing against Blue Sun, Jemison, Gagarin, Argus, and Gagarin again. Most of the time I had just the right answer in my toolbox for any trick a corp was trying to pull off, but usually it came at the very last moment, so I do agree that some more draw might come in handy and the people playing Deuces Wild instead of PiOT might know what they are doing :)

The only game I lost was one of the Gagarin matches against rsh, where we reached the point when I was on 6 points and no longer able to control his board. I decided two Khusyuks for all my money will secure my win, oblivious of the wild party that 9 agenda points were having in HQ.

As the deck itself is concerned, I only made minor changes:

  1. Cloak had to go, as I rarely found a good moment to install it. I resented doing it early, as it clogged my scarce MU and made me do the chicken dance every time I needed to fetch my last breaker with SMC. And later on I usually had a Taka/Mercur in place and Cloak was just redundant.

  2. Stimhack had to go, as its favorite target for brain damage was always Khusyuk that I needed to close the game, or Notoriety that I needed to close the game. Besides, the toughest servers nowadays are no longer those that require a pot of dough to get through once, but those that make you run them again and again. As a result, I found myself using Stimhack mostly to get rid of Jeeves, Amani Senai, Jinja, and other must-trash cards in remote servers. Until I found a better tool...

  3. Because I Can joins the party! This card is amazing whenever you need to get rid of something, but don't want to trash it - be it problematic assets in CTM, IG or Gagarin, be it some Mushin-advanced nastiness, be it triple Prisec with ASH on top. This card is also perfect against people asking why I am playing it :)

  4. Guru Davinder. He wins games. He won the only game during the tournament that Saan lost with his Jemison. Don't get me wrong. I did not win that game. My deck did not win that game. Guru Davinder did. The card is decent against Urban Renewal and the like, but let's face it - its real power lies in allowing you to dive headfirst into Psychic Fields and quadruple-advanced Junebugs with a smile on your face!

I would like to thank my opponents and all the amazing people who made the Polish Nationals possible. Rock on!

21 Oct 2019 rsh

You had my like at Because I Can already :)

Fantastic deck and piloting, congrats!

22 Oct 2019 apo

Congrats on the performance!

Some ideas:

  • -1 khusyuk +1 sot (khusyuks tend to clog my hand, sot is a 3rd one and moar - beacause i can, falsified)
  • -1 notoriety +1 fte (doubles down on khusyuk score, is a current)


22 Oct 2019 Longi

Oh man, you and the Smoke for ever!

22 Oct 2019 Odol

@apo SoT is actually a decent idea. I tested it back in the dark days of 3x Scarcity in every deck and often found it tough to play, but now it seems like resources are not that scarce anymore and this card can suddenly start doing serious work again :)

FTE vs Notoriety is very much a question of personal preference, and I feel that Notoriety is more of an Odol kind of card that comes to me more naturally, even if it might be objectively weaker.