0.05% better than Chris and Seamus's garbage (1st UK Nats)

timfast 336

Pretty standard NBN list, 2 cards different from the list Chris Dyer took to second place, and one card different from Seamus' list in 4th. There was some debate about the final few card choices...

Ask Tim how he got this image to work

27 Aug 2018 emilyspine

Congrats on the win! Always say trace 4.

27 Aug 2018 Dis

standing ovation

This meme deserves all the first places!

...congrats on winning too I guess.

27 Aug 2018 tzeentchling


Also, good deck, I guess.

27 Aug 2018 CrushU

Oh hey someone used my exact 49 to a much better result. xD

Did you face any 419 Citadel? Because I ran into one of those and lost quite handily, and Zero Val decided to put all my barrier breakers on the bottom of the deck against Titan, which destroyed my swiss record. I think I barely made it to 0.500 win rate.

27 Aug 2018 shanodin
27 Aug 2018 laneford

I want to see Chris grow that moustache

27 Aug 2018 knails

Congrats Tim. You finally did it!

Also Chris must now grow that moustache