Depth & Taxes || BEST Thule at CBI || 80% WR

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This is the Thule build I chose for CB, pretty sure I was gonna play it into a field of 419, Hoshipko, and Wu feat. Tree. The premise is simple - defend centrals, build a scoring remote, and land two core damage to get the last few points from hand. To accomplish this, use the strong taxing ability of the ID, rez some strong Ice, and be prepared to spend the early game jobbing to power up Buy-Backs.

The deck is strong because your opponent expects it to be weak. Your tax is real, and they have to respect it. Ice HQ and R&D first, then start on the remote. You can generally leave Archives open for quite a while, clicks spent charging turtles and boats are clicks not spent paying the toll. And, I cannot stress this enough, it is not a kill deck. You don't want to kill them, because the dead can't feel pain.


Game 1 L vs. Hoshiko - Jinsei went on to top the Swiss portion and played this incredibly well. Ended with a mad dash on Archives after a Stargate, they had 8 cards in their score area for a total of 5 points beforehand. Demonstrated a great ability to play around the tax, couldn't be mad about it.
Game 2 W vs. 419 - First Djupstad got the 2 core, third from an unfortunate access, and ended up with 5 total. We attacked each others' economies back and forth, but Riot Suppression eventually won the day. Fun game where everyone was broke, but I like the 419 matchup.
Game 3 W vs. Padma - Very slow, grindy match trying to tax out a boat and turbined breaker suite. Eventually chipped my way into 3 core damage and scored out from there, but it showed how strong the Thule ability to slow the runner can be.
Game 4 W vs. Hoshiko - Had to be faster than the dragon lady, and made it. If she sets up too long without real breakers, you can sometimes just score out.
Game 5 W vs. Sable - The Sable matchup is my absolute favorite. You have to put up enough speedbumps that the ID doesn't pay out well, and stick an early Djup. Even then, it frequently comes down to how many Hyperloops and Nightmares you can force her to access. Well played by my opponent, but Thule got there in the end.
Game 6 ID - We take the IDs to secure top half, free.

Slot Analysis


  • Élivágar Bifurcation - Very strong agenda, primarily there to land a core off of Djupstad or stop yourself from stalling out on 6 points. It's cute to de-rez a Spin Doctor, and hits Pulse on occasion.
  • Hyperloop Extension - Feed it to the runner for a 5-credit swing, score for free in a pinch. Solves some economy issues.
  • Luminal Transubstantion - This is just a good agenda you should have in your deck.
  • Ontological Dependence - Absolutely busto. The beating heart of the deck, 2 core damage is the major breakpoint for scoring from hand, but with even 1 you get it off the table next turn without advancing.
  • Project Vitruvius - In this deck, a 3/2 and rarely more. If you manage a counter, almost always converts to additional Buy-Backs


  • Nightmare Archive - Strictly necessary 3-of to discourage Archive runs and present a rough choice to the runner. Sometimes worth it as a means to drag the runner through your scoring remote and generate a heavy tax, usually best kept in HQ for a bit and then tossed to poison Archives.
  • Rashida Jaheem - Good card. High survival rate when installed unprotected outside your scoring remote.
  • Snare! - Cheeky kills on occasion, mostly to instill a bit of fear and force the runner to waste clicks drawing up.
  • Spin Doctor - Good card.


  • Hedge Fund - Good card.
  • Riot Suppression - This card wins games. Sometimes indirectly by continuing to hammer the Runner's tempo, sometimes extremely directly.
  • Stock Buy-Back - You need money. This gives you money. The first is frequently popped for net 2 credits, there's enough recursion that you'll see it again.


  • Djupstad Grid - Very expensive trash and your primary way to deal the 2 core you need to be favored. Naked Djupstad is sometimes correct.
  • Manegarm Skunkworks - You're a taxing deck, this is a very taxing upgrade. First for the scoring remote, second to protect a central.


  • Echo - Very cheap ETR that scales to tax credits/boat efficiently as the game progresses. The best Ice in the deck.
  • Hagen - Kills turtles, botuli, and maybe sometimes a Stargate. The best Ice in the deck.
  • Fairchild 3.0 - Just an extremely good Ice that is expensive on either of your primary tax axes. The best Ice in the deck.
  • Pulse - Robs the runner of a click every rez, which puts them in danger of being unable to pay the toll - or just keeps applying tempo pressure. The best Ice in the deck.
  • Anansi - End the game is better than end the run. The best Ice in the deck.
  • Ansel 1.0 - Very efficient Ice, the Runner generally needs to break the first 2 always, and the last sub protects you. The best Ice in the deck.
  • Bloop - No one breaks it well, it hurts when it hits, and it refreshes your Pulses. The best Ice in the deck.
16 Jan 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Even though our game was only friendly due to the ID it felt super tough and I always enjoy a game that comes down to a crucial Last turn.

The Ice suite here is very well thought out and really caught me by surprise.

Once I’ve edited the VOD content from our game I’ll stick a link up here!

16 Jan 2023 jonkey bong

Yeah, please do! I didn't include the writeup since I had to keep the wr artificially high for clickbait, but that game owned. It's also the reason everyone is Austin is gonna have to deal with hangeki thule for the next 6 months.