PIS Gang Supremacy Nuvem (Undefeated 3-0-0 8th at OTG/NANPC)

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This list is heavily inspired by Jai's EA Sports Sends Their Regards with a different ice suite and a couple more notable changes. The game plan is incredibly similar, rush out fast and then use Big Deal and Audacity to score out the last one or two agendas. If you can score a Basalt Spire or a Project Atlas with a counter or two early even better.

This list unfortunately never saw play in the top cut but I feel like if it did it would've had a tough but not impossible time with open decklists. My runner list is SebK's The Lottery but with the two Jackpots swapped for Wake Implants (SebK I should've left your list exactly as it was, the Wake Implants did little for me all day).

Also yeah Armed Asset Protection is good in this list, the money is sick, and being able to bounce back after a big deal is huge. Also it forces your opponent to go "can I read that card," or "I've literally never seen this card played" more than any other card in the list.

Now was Nuvem some kind of meta call? Absolutely not. I felt burnt out from playing corp and this list made me remember why I love netrunner, so I brought it. This list needs to work very hard and get very lucky to beat nearly all the meta runner decks, but I didn't care.

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If I were to do it again I'd swap Magnet for a Mavirus, and make some changes for a Tucana or two. Having upgrades for Logjam and AAP is huge. I'd also probably trade a Hostile and a Slash and Burn for an SDS, as bad pub feels awful into nearly every good runner right now.

Touchy Feely Stuff

Netrunner has consumed my life since I started playing nearly two years ago. The people I've met have been some of the kindest and most wonderful people I've ever known. Early on I met PiCat (an angel with a penchant for jank and a love for the unloved ID's of netrunner) who introduced me to QtM.

Very quickly we met Imyxh (one of the funniest and most brilliant people I've ever met who still somehow insists on playing Bios as her runner) and came together to form PIS gang. Later on we added Ezbior and Diana to become PISED Gang. I love you all so dearly and I don't know what I would have done without such wonderful friends. Congratulations PiCat on your 4th place finish, you deserved it dude.

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Special thanks to QtM my beloveds, my local St. Louis meta, all of Picats friends that I met who were so great to be around, the tournament organizers, and of course my PIS Gang. I love Netrunner and I love you all so so much.

11 Jun 2024 cranked

this deck is super duper sick. love to see the big decks winning! congrats on the great run 🤜🤛

11 Jun 2024 HaverOfFun

Nice stuff! Cool list and even cooler group name!

11 Jun 2024 PiCat314


11 Jun 2024 evie

cool deck! makes me want to play nuvem!

11 Jun 2024 sebastiank

Props for trying to make Nuvem work and getting to the cut with it! Was cool to meet you. My 419 is a bit sussy so props for getting wins with that too 😅

11 Jun 2024 Jai

Great run, shoutout to PIS Gang, yall are great

11 Jun 2024 rongydoge

i love PIS

11 Jun 2024 pj20

great meeting you & playing some side games. Love the energy & enthusiasm. Glad I didn't have to faceplant any Hammers :p