Altered Chrome (3rd place Chatteris SC)

Critical Joe 26

So, this is the deck I ran at the Hobbit Hole Store Championship in Chatteris. It went 2-2 in Swiss and 1-2 in the Cut. I feel the day was slightly carried by my IG deck that'll be on here shortly.

It's mostly based of Burning Chrome, made by far better players than me, but with a few changes that I felt more comfortable with. I dislike Day Job, but I didn't see it all day. I actually barely even used parasite/sifr in swiss. The games were:

NEH asset spam - Very few ice to deal with, lots of keyholes and trashing of sensie. Overally I missed the last agenda I needed which had been on the board face down since like turn 3-4.

NEH tag and bag - very few ice made it onto the field, so I keyholed out BOOMx2 and Scorched and then a bunch of agendas for the win.

NEH Railgun - Little engine proved and issue as I couldn't find street magic or any money to get into it. Eventually got shot.

ETF Glacier - Against someone I play reguarly, The deck did what it always does, burnt through his ice, and managed to keyhole an agenda every time (2 on turn 1). Eventually I just had to install hades and pop it for game.


NEH Asset Spam - Same as last time, ended with me picking the 1 Agenda on the board to queens gambit onto. Allowing for a hilarious end where Pete installed a Astro onto a San San, double advanced, scored, and use the token to suppliment the 3 I placed onto his Explodapalooza. Sigh. Pro tip, run your target first...

NEH Railgun - Power shutdown. Sad times. Well done Marc.

Welcome any comments and such, though I don't plan on taking this deck much further, though it's kinda fun if your meta is HB heavy. Needs the Hades out to stop power shutdown shenanigans.