ProCo Wu V1.2 (Norwich GNK 2022)

Havvy 304

Inspired by the ProCo NoCo deck (, I couldn't say no to a ProCo deck! so I decided to do a few tweaks and make it arguable worse!

I swapped out one of the DZMZ Optimizer for Pantograph, and found an early install of Pantograph to be really good value.

I also swapped a 1 x Falsified Credentials, Light the Fire and Caldera with PAD Taps and two lots of Political Operatives. I really dislike 1 off non-tutorable tech cards.

On the night, it drew vs Asa (which won the GNK), lost vs Reality + (Deep Dive whiffed when I was on 5 points, and I had a window where I could have won it) and won vs BtL (favoured matchup for me as it was a FA deck).

Positives - The deck has good economy and control with Clot and Political Operative. The breaker suite really fits nicely in this deck, and Deep Dive feels a good reward when you are sniping points beforehand. Falsified + Mayfly is a great combination too.

Negatives - ProCo always feels very slow in a non-Hayley deck, and I'm not entirely convinced, although the deck itself still felt good, I felt the piloting needed to be tighter than if you played Anarch or Criminal. The inf on this deck is also super tight. I also felt with ProCo, there are 'dead spots' in the draw, when you are drawing unwanted Tech Cards (Clot / Misdirection etc) or duplicates / Diesel, which you can't Aesop with a typical Hayley deck.

Would I recommend this deck? Yes! It's fun and feels consistent. How I would improve it? I would look at freeing up inf for another Falsified, I would also love to get a set of Dirty Laundry in there.

Have fun!

17 Jun 2022 maninthemoon

Love it, Wu forever!