Johnny Mnemonic - 4th @ aprils AMT

aksu 206

Name comes from the movie that I watched with my friends today. 8/10 solid dumb fun would recommend.

I also recorded myself going trough and analyzing the games on both sides. Here is the link for the runner side of the video: (suggest you watch it on fast speed because I might talk a bit slow)

Original idea of playing turbine anarch in standard came from playing turbine Padma earlier in the Metropole grids startup GNK. Where turbine carried me to 6th spot.

Building the list I took much inspiration from Xtremes "Turbo Hoshiko" list. Main things I changed where including pinholes instead of career fairs and inclusion of a second stargate + hippos(btw they are huge in the art. noticed that yesterday.).

After playing and analyzing my games I came to a conclusion that turbine is kinda busted. But I might still cut one out of the list. Early game pressure is super hard to get with only six breakers. Including a boomerang or something would have helped me in many situations where I was desperately drawing for a breaker. Also I want to include gatchapons in the future. Getting stuff installed for cheap feels so nice.

Changing Keiko witch I installed and actually got credit value one time in the tournament feels rough. I think I will be testing out some builds with maw instead in the future.

GGs to everyone playing. Thanks for the organizers and everyone else. Peace ✌️.