Racing to the Sunrise

Hello 30

This was one of two Architects of Tomorrow decks in the Black Lives Matter tournament (the other places much higher), but as someone with very little competitive experience, I was pleased to win half my games with it.

The idea behind this deck is fairly simple, in that it tries to use big ice that it can rez cheaply to keep the runner out while it scores an early agenda or two, with MCA Austerity Policy slowing the runner down, especially as they won’t be able to click past a Fairchild 3.0 to trash it. Then, when the runner has likely gotten into a position to challenge any remote you set up, you can start fast advancing with Biotic Labour.

An Offer You Can't Refuse was originally Shipment from Tennin, but when that got added to the band list I looked for another card to help get agenda points when the runner can regularly contest your remote server. The Offer turned out to be incredibly well suited, as the runner cannot click through bioroids on your turn, you can threaten them with Tyr (or Ravana 1.0 for 4 brain damage if Tyr is rezed elsewhere), it gets around Clot for that final point if the runner wouldn’t survive the run, and can even let you get an extra trigger of your ID if they do decide to run. Most times I played it, it was like fast advancing a 1 pointer for a single click.