[3rd @ Metropole Grid GNK SU] Fermented Padma

enkoder 989

Got to live the child's dream of Bye, Sweep, ID, ID into the cut. Ok, that's not actually true. I would have ID'ed R3 w/ The King, but missed the round start and got a game loss, loool. I was playing Breach Wanders, which is just too sick to put down. R4 we couldn't ID safely and Sauc3 and I split. So not quite "Bye, sweep, ID, ID" but def gave me vibes of the good old days. Anyways, surprisingly fun format!! Go play startup, it's tight.

The deck is just sweet Fermenter money, boat, good breakers and some wincons. If you can get out ahead, you'll likely stay ahead and keep them down. Fermenter is cool because it can actually buy you turns by the corp purging which feels like the right thing to do as the corp, but is such a massive tempo hit and you have enough econ that you don't need the fermenter. Likely some flavor of this runner is the best in Startup.

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