Indiscriminate Killing in the Daytime (No tags)

CJ 232

This is an Outfit deck that doesn't kill you with tags, but still kills you anyway.

This deck is based on four principles.

1) People are teching for tags with No Free Lunch and friends.

2) Reaper function is absolutely great and I've not been seeing it.

3) I have a massive soft spot for Broad Daylight.

4) Regulatory Capture as a 2/2 allows for scoring out when all else fails.

Some choices.


Hostile Takeover is scoreable from hand and bad pub (Obvious include)

Regulatory Capture is scoreable from hand at 2/2, but can be scored earlier too.

Azef adds an option to kill plans and is also bluffs with the unadvanceable assets.

Kimberlite field is an option to remove hand size increases or troublesome deck components.

Broad Daylight is tricky, in that it needs protecting, and for you to have built some bad pub first. Ideally you'd score it with 2-4 counters, but 1 is fine to threaten kill. If you get more than that you can use them for value and to try and snipe things from hand.

Assets Kill package is supported by Daylight and Azef, but is primarily from Reaper Function & Bladderwort protected by Hostile Architecture. Snare out of Weyland can also surprise people and leave them in lethal range unexpectedly.

Roughneck could be cut, but is also a safety release valve if bad pub gets too high Spin and Rashida are just good.

The Rest Tithonium and Trebuchet are high impact Ice. Sapper can lead to unexpected rigshooting. Zato can also let you rigshoot. When the bad pub gets high towards the mid-late game, rigshooting can give you key windows for scoring or protecting reapers.

Anyway this deck feels fun with interesting lines in Kill, Fast advance, and Rigshooting. I'm not a good deckbuilder so would be interesting to see how others would work on this concept.

19 Dec 2022 rotage

As a regularish Outfit player this looks a lot of fun.

It feels like there are some cards that conflict here, you are playing plenty of bad pub which with undefended assets which with 10 ice I feel you will isnt great, but you have roughneck to clear the bad pub which then makes Regulatory Capture harder to score

Also you have a lot of econ in the deck, probabely a tad more than I'd run in a Outfit rush list, also that amount of econ along with Bladderwort feels a bit hard to get Bladderwort to fire consistently

I think I'd look at trying to add Bulwark is super annoying for the runner plus its a nice ETR that can give you some extra bad pub and spend the money to make Bladderwort better

10 Jan 2023 famebyproxy

@rotage -> I think the idea with the assets is that you use Hostile Architecture to protect them.

I agree that Bladderwort feels wrong here. Could use that influence for Data Loop?

Fun deck!