Wendy Moira Angela Darling / 3-2 / 2nd at KoS

Sanjay 3080

Sunny loses to four things:

1) Rush

2) Fast advance

3) Decks that can somehow tax you more credits a turn than you are generating

4) Me playing badly

3 is hard to achieve so I focused my influence on combating 1 & 2. Maxwell James is a great Sunny card. Street Peddler is a great Sunny card. Gbahali is the best crocodilian cryptid in the game.

The deck went 3-2 at King of Subways. I don't think the Gbahalis are worth three slots at the moment. Atman is a great card.

26 Apr 2018 drmastodon

Hey, good playing you guys at KoS! Do you think switching from Clone Chip to Sacrificial Construct might be worth it for a Film Critic or Employee Strike as a restricted card instead? Or is there more value from being able to dump Clot in the heap and Clone it when needed than the other two cards?

30 Apr 2018 Sanjay

Sorry for the slow response, @drmastodon

There's a lot of value to the Clone Chips besides clot threat, mainly ditching your programs and only installing them if they are really necessary. I've been really into the Clone Chip synergy with Atman, the synergy with Stimhack, and the synergy with the GS breakers (just because you don't really want to install them).

I don't think I super need either Critic or Employee Strike but those are both solid cards and I think picking a different way to spend your influence so you aren't using up your restricted slot is a solid call. To be honest, I don't think the clots are that reliable in this deck (which is semi-good because people will hand you agendas when they don't think you have clot, but mostly bad), so I think going to a different restricted card sounds fine. There is still White Hat as an anti-fast advance tool so it's not totally hopeless.