Apocalpyse MAXX (top 58.5 at Euros)

Cliquil 1163

Came 55th.

Similar decks have been generated by people elsewhere. The three prongs of apoc, indexing, and Wanton give DDOS a real way to shine. If they try to ice up centrals to prevent that then you can build mad money and the remote struggles to find all the ice it needs.

Run Amok is an amazing card in this deck. It can either attack a central, even during a potential Apoc run, it can check a remote without having to deal with the most taxing ice for the first of many times.

En Passant should have been 2

Immolation Script should not have been 1. I love the card but its situational nature is problematic.

1 Levy is enough. You get to finish your games early so you can have a pint. If you had 2 of them you'd play for longer.

Rebirth into Omar. Not too early.

4 Jun 2018 Ajar

Nice to see another Apoc MaxX put up a respectable finish!

4 Jun 2018 Cliquil

@AjarThanks . The greater amount of Wantons than 1 were an addition inspired by yourself when I compared notes with your deck. I heard your voice in my head the night before trying to go to 3 but I ended up wanting to play the variance a little and have a couple of other items.

Hope your own server destructions go well! :D