Captain Hook Hayley - 1st at Montecchio Maggiore

Saan 3116

This is almost exactly Chris Dyer's Pirate Hayley deck, but with the changes he recommended in order to fit in the Gbahalis. I also cut a Diesel for a second Interdiction, because this deck just shits itself to an early Scarcity, so I wanted to give myself more chances to see it early.

I had also tried cutting a Grappling Hook for all sorts of things (Hunting Grounds, Deuces, Peace in our Time), but Grappling Hook feels too clutch in the times that I want it, I'm just loathe to have less than 3 in the deck.

So here you have it! Chris Dyer's exact deck, with the exact changes he recommended, but with one additional card change! BEHOLD MY RUNNER DECK BUILDING SKILLS!

Anyhow, I did lose one game with it (blemishing an otherwise perfect record), and I think I could have played a bit better. It was a weird game vs Grail Palana, and the (primary) reason it was weird is because Grail lets you order subs in whatever order you prefer, so once he had 2 grail in hand and can reveal them for the 2 additional subs, he'd always throw the ETR sub in the middle! This is annoying as shit for Kongamato and Gbahali. Anyhow, once I got set up with Inti and Savant it was less of an issue, but then it was too close to the end of the game to matter. I ended up losing by being exactly 1 credit short to break into the final remote, after having whiffed on 2 Deep Data Minings earlier. It was a seriously close game.