46 Tech Cards and Hedge Fund

nobo 1841

10 Nov 2015 Groober

For anyone who hasn't seen Noah play this list - do yourself a favour and have a watch. It's so close to perfect.

10 Nov 2015 igrekk

He had at least one Batty

10 Nov 2015 mostlysmart

@igrekk he did have a Batty? What needs to change on this list to get it back to accuracy?

10 Nov 2015 igrekk

@mostlysmart I'm pretty sure. He played one in top 16 to trash atman through swordsmans subroutine. Can't say which slot it takes.

10 Nov 2015 nobo

@igrekk @mostlysmart Sorry the second Cyberdex is Batty.

@Groober Thanks dude. Was no match for the Brits in the end, Hoyland had my number.

11 Nov 2015 bluebird503

Love the deck.

11 Nov 2015 Sutlomatsch

Why is there a Freelancer, the only option of tagging seems to be Ichi 1.0's trace? Or does it depend on the runner taking tags himself?

11 Nov 2015 Cerberus

Slick list, and amazing player. How you piloted RP in a field of Noise and Valencia to 4th in the World I have no idea! Congrats, hope to see you next year.

11 Nov 2015 mostlysmart

@Sutlomatsch this might have been just a meta adjustment with worlds. With heavy DLR decks out there, some form of removal of DLR from the board was probably needed.

12 Nov 2015 nobo

@Sutlomatsch It's for DLR Val, it saved me 16 and 12 credits in two separate games on Saturday.

@CerberusThanks dude. All about those tech cards I guess. That hot Cerebral Static against Leela play :)

Congrats again, hope to see you around too.

19 Nov 2015 kerrk

How come you didn't play Turing?

20 Nov 2015 nobo

@kerrk In RP? It's three influence and it doesn't fulfill a role the deck is lacking. Why, do you think I should?

29 Nov 2015 wakkawakka

Do you ever felt like having a lack of Ice especially when up against ice destruction and parasite recursion and how do you deal with them?

30 Nov 2015 BENJI9520

What is the Valencia good stuff match up like? What do you keep and what do you mulligan vs good stuff anarchy in general?

2 Dec 2015 nobo

@wakkawakka Not really, I think 16 ice is fine. This deck actually has a surprisingly good Noise matchup, mostly because of Swordsman, Cerebral Static, and EBC.

@BENJI9520 Good Stuff Val is definitely the weakest matchup. If you can get some ice rezzed over a scoring remote with EBC, specifically a server like Lotus Field + Swordsman, than that can help. It's definitely a matchup where you want to press the advantage rather than turtle, which is kind of the opposite from Kate.

Recurring Crisium on R&D is also good.

If I see Val across the table then I need to assume DLR and keep an appropriate opening hand, because getting Siphoned turn 1 is unacceptable. If it is DLR Val, you will usually know by turn 2.

Don't be afraid to rush out the first Nisei as soon as you get it, especially if they just used a Blackmail to take care of a Sundew or something like that. Nisei counters + Caprice is the best solution for Blackmail.

That's all I can think of for now!