Reconstruction Biotics 19/05/18

ayyyliens 503

Based on this list: Link

20 May 2018 theoneakaneo

interesting idea :)

21 May 2018 ayyyliens

If you can get stinson to fire multiple UVC's you are unstoppable (But I guess that also counts for any combos decks). I never found my boot camps in time to stop indexing (Gonna swap the DBS for an additional boot camp). You can play never advance with 5/3's if they are being a dick with clot. The best part about this deck is the look on your opponents face when they deep dig r&d and they scratch their head trying to figure out what this deck is trying to do.

22 May 2018 Severijn

Interesting idea. How did you agenda suite fare? I think going 3-3-2 is rather rough for scoring out?

22 May 2018 ayyyliens

I think i'ill drop a SSL for the third elective. Scoring an early elective gives you a lot of fast advance options, (One less click needed for MCA'ing a 5/3 or recontracting a 5/3). I never had a hard time scoring the first agenda (Even getting vitruvius's with additional counters). You either just jam a SSL (you dont care if it gets stolen) or you click MCA, let them run it, trash it and score during the window you just created.

I do feel I need some more ice. Many games were lost because of central pressure.

22 May 2018 Severijn

You could certainly shave an archived memories, a cybernetic courts and probably one of the Rashida Jaheems or an IPO for three additional pieces of ice. Architect could do wonders here since they will need to break it every time, lest you reinstall some really obnoxious asset ilke an MCA policy or mess up their indexing. Tapestry on a central is also incredibly painful to try and break. Or you could play the third Vanilla.

The first 3 pointer doesn't sound too hard, but I usually have trouble getting the second 3 pointer scored. I would much rather go 2-2-3 as the scoring route so that I have a lower points to lose on a random access.