Reconstrustom Bryotics (2nd in SC)

InanimateLog 441

I was playing a CI deck with Dedication Ceremony and Reconstruction Contract. It did alright, but then I asked myself the age-old question every HB player must ask themselves: would this deck work better in Custom Biotics?

I could add Stinson into the deck and fuel my addiction to unreasonable amounts of money. Plus Reversed Accounts already combos with Dedication Ceremony, so why not?

The deck came second at the Swansea store champs and is a blast to pilot. It's got lots of fun decisions and you get to play Fairadult. It also generates obscene amounts of Vitruvius counters if the stars align, with ~11 being my record.

19 Feb 2018 Saan

This deck shows me that you can kinda just do whatever with your influence in CI and as long as you're playing Ultraviolet and some Fairchildren, you're pretty much good to go.