419: Zamba Switch

APoorRich 128

With 419 decks are cutting loose in the meta, no wonder people are playing psi games and dropping their Psychic fields...

This deck is built for its self-trimming ability, lo and behold, Paige Piper actually makes an appearance in Criminal! With so many cards that are either unique or are only required one in the deck: enter Keros Mcintyre, enter The Supplier, enter The Turning Wheel, enter Rubicon Switch.

IDs can be interchangable, Los decks may be pretty good if you're running low on economy, but 419 usually cuts it...

make .

the .

corp .


money. (drop that Corporate "Grant" if need be, though imo this deck is not a Hayley or Geist installation hyperbeast ... still triggers off The Supplier, keeping in mind.

No One Home is there for any Shenanigans involving Asteroids hurled at you (Meteor Mining!!!) or missiles (BOOM!!!!). Thank you Jeff Fulcher from Win Condition Games at ATL for teaching me that!