Rashida Battles the Pink Lobsters (17th at Euros)

twisty_b 631

So, which three cards did you cut from Lobstermodernism once Rashida came out?

I went with a Standoff, because Turntable, and both the Prisecs, because I never really liked them anyway. Then on the morning of the tournament I switched the Preemptive for a second Consulting Visit, and didn't miss it. I was lucky enough to avoid a proper flood, though.

Anyway, I love this deck. It's aggressive, it's got loads of possible lines, and — thanks to the money-eating monstrosities of Economic Warfare and Archer — you're almost always in with a chance in even the most hopeless-looking game. The only exception to that rule might be an expertly piloted link-heavy runner that gets set up in double-quick time and then installs Hernando Flippin' Cortez … which is exactly what happened in round 2. On stream here. Cheers, Rufus.

Thanks to all the Thameside crew, particularly the eventual Prince of Swiss, who beat me in testing approximately 419 times with 419. But everybody felt the day would be predominantly orange, and everybody was right. Good work everybody.

6-2 overall. Wins against Val, three Reginald MaxXes, one Counter Surveillance MaxX, and By Any Means Pirate Wu. Yep. Both those last wins required a value BOOM! into hands of more than seven cards. But lobsters do not fear massive hands. Embrace the value BOOM! It loves you, it wants to be your friend, and sometimes it even works.

Losses to 419, as noted above, and Val, who had precisely one turn to fetch three points from R&D — through an Archer — before the inevitability of fiery death. Which they managed perfectly. Chapeau.

3 Jun 2018 RainKing

+1 for The Flaming Lips title

3 Jun 2018 emilyspine

Congrats Andi, amazing showing. Doing the Thameside proud!!

4 Jun 2018 SimonMoon

I approve of the cuts for Rashida and disapprove of cutting Preemptive. Props on the finish, was rooting for :lobster:

10 Jun 2018 ClosDeLaRoche

How do you use Audacity in this deck?

14 Jun 2018 twisty_b

@ClosDeLaRoche basically it's a nice-to-have finisher, if the kill's off the table or you find yourself at 5 points. Can also be used to get a token on a never-advanced Atlas, though you have to really hate the rest of your hand for that. Once used it to score out a single-advanced GFI, which my opponent decided was an NGO. Definitely cuttable though.