Lobstermodernism (5-0 King of Subways)

SimonMoon 2355

Why is this deck called Lobstermodernism? Because it's important to have the excellent posture of our bottom dwelling brethren to play this deck.

Anyway, as I said in my write up of Rasher Decisions (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/49957/rasher-decisions), I was a bit down on actually playing Netrunner. With King of Subways coming up in two weeks, Dan and I still didn't have a 3rd teammate – and then I got a message from @tolaasin asking me if I would be around the weekend of KoS, because he was maybe coming to NYC for business. I said yes, and and he brought enough enthusiasm that it actually got me excited to play as well.

He asked me what I thought the best Weyland deck was and I told him I'm pretty sure it was Skorp (which I thought was the best deck pre-Rashida). He asked me whether he should play Argus and sent me a horrific pile of garbage that Dave Hoyland told him was good. I told him he couldn't play that, but I had seen @creditzathotmail play Argus at Canadian nats on stream and I actually thought it was the best Argus deck I'd ever seen.

https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/49409/i-drew-the-nuts-against-jason-deng-and-boomed-him-on-turn-4- I looked up his list again, and fixed the most obvious stuff (going to 3 Project Atlas [I think Oaktown has merit, but Armed Intimidation is a travesty of deckbuilding]), adding Audacity and Fast Track, cutting Tithonium, Wake Up Call and MCA Informant). From here Tolaasin asked me about the fact there was no Archived Memories and I agreed it was way better than Ark Lockdown, so we swapped that. This got us to a list which was about 7 cards off the original and 1 card off the final one which you see here.

With Turntable in the meta the 3rd Standoff became a bit of a liability, and so it was cut, and we waffled (discussed at length) a bunch of different options for what to replace it with (2nd Bryan for a while) and ultimately decided to go with a second Vanilla which I think is right. With only six operations in the deck, Bryan often doesn’t have scope to fire, but taking one is still worthwhile.

The Key idea of this deck is that you want to go fast and abuse the fact that Hard Hitting News is strongest at low credit totals. Its your early defense which is nice because it needs to be respected or your opponent can just get way behind right way, so unlike a lot of other decks that rely on Ice more you have a threat that is hidden (turn 1 running always has the possibility that you can run into Econ - HHN and just lose). Archer is the best ice in the game atm so you play 3 of them, and you're playing 3x GFI so your deck is pretty resilient to accesses. You want to just push fast and force your opponent to spend money so they are threatened by HHN (or if they don't come you want to score an Atlas with 2 counters which is worth 4 Pts).

This is the best Weyland deck with a kill threat by a lot (and High Profile whatever will get immediately slot in it over Boom), and I think is one of the strongest decks in the meta and has a lot of game against Val (it has vanguished granddaddy or Argus Seamus twice while he played Val).

Anyway, shoutout to @tolaasin for bringing such enthusiasm to KoS that it got me excited as well, and for going 5-0 on the day with this deck.

22 Apr 2018 creditzathotmail

This is perfect - I am still partial to Oaktown but you get quite a bit of value from merely hiding atlas as a potential NGO. One thing I've discovered by leaving this in the hands of @thearete is that advancing your your Mausolus is a perfectly respectable line of play and can really begin to tax a runner if you are not achieving your optimal speed of spitting out agendas. Glad you were able to run this with success.

22 Apr 2018 Tolaasin

Remind me to give your Vanilla back.

22 Apr 2018 Saan

These days I've been using Ice Wall over Vanilla because Aumakua just walks through Vanilla, whereas with Ice Wall they at least have to find somewhere to run first before being able to walk through it. In rush decks, purging often means losing, so I can respect Vanilla here. By the time you'd be able to purge, you'd have had to have found enough ICE to cover all centrals as well as the remote, and that's just not in this deck's game plan. I really love the care that went into the deck's construction and slot choices, as much as I rep a single Exchange of Info in most taggy Weyland decks running Standoff and Hostile ;)

22 Apr 2018 EnderA

@Tolaasin took out 4 of my precious programs with those Archers, crippling my Au Revoir engine, and pounded me with 3 HHN. Managed to climb out of the first two (he didn't have enough credits to Boom me afterward), but the final one was lethal with him having Archived Memories and Consulting Visit in hand (meant he could Boom me regardless of where it was.)

23 Apr 2018 emilyspine

2 IPO. I hope this deck never wins worlds.

Nice work friends.

23 Apr 2018 Tolaasin

@enderA Sadly, those were the only Archer fires I got on the day. But that made them no less sweet!

23 Apr 2018 SimonMoon

@creditzathotmail oaktown is a pretty good card so running them is respectable. Biggest thing it gets you over atlas is it's better in your hand turn 1 to jam behind an Ice. I think 3x Atlas is a bit better because it's a better card for punishing a runner who is playing carefully in that when you score it with a counter it's often worth 3 pts and sometimes 4, plus it forces them to respect tags and the HHN threat. Also 3x Atlas let's you run Audacity which is weylands strongest finisher atm. I did find a lot of the time I would fast track for oaktown on low credits after a HHN when there was a scoring window but we were both low. But I think 1x Oaktown and 1x Fast track is enough oaktown, thou I could be sold on 2 and 2.

23 Apr 2018 Tolaasin

Also I munged @simonmoon's deck writeup while trying to fix his execrable English. The deck only has 5 transactions, but a lot more operations, obviously.

8 May 2018 MrBuggles

So 3x Rashida seems obvious to add now, but what would you cut? My instinct is the 2 Prisec so your centrals don’t get too porous, and maybe an IPO?

18 May 2018 Neitherworld Gamer

Will High Profile Target really out do Boom! ?

10 Jun 2018 ClosDeLaRoche

How would you best use Preemptive Action in this deck? Would you consider cutting it? Also, how is Audacity best used?

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16 Sep 2023 My Wheels

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