InanimateLog 441

When I realised I could make a Universal Connectivity Fee spam deck with Mti, my jank senses tingled enough that silly things like "turtles" or "employee strikes" weren't going to stop me from putting it together.

The game plan is to get out a Data Raven and bankrupt the runner using Universal Connectivity Fee every time they run on that server.

100% win rate. No disclaimers attached because you already guessed the sample size was 1.

21 Jun 2018 x3r0h0ur

I like the predictive algorithm, but a current play shuts it off, why not play red herrings and/or ash? Those are permanent fixes.

21 Jun 2018 InanimateLog

It was mostly an influence concern since I thought Archived Memories would be needed more than it actually was. So I could see ditching an Archived Memories or two for Red Herrings/Ash.

21 Jun 2018 CommissarFeesh

Additional suggestion: Swap out one SSL Endorsement for Utopia Fragment because LAWL (I may have played similar nonsense with Predictive and RSVP in the past)

21 Jun 2018 InanimateLog


21 Jun 2018 deliveryman

Maybe I'm not understanding the Id, but when the runner approaches the server, you install the ice, then the runner is running from the innermost spot thus avoiding the dataraven?

21 Jun 2018 deliveryman

Nvm i got it. Makes the ID much betty then I thought! Love the idea.