A Nostalgic Trip Up The Beanstalk (2-2 at a GNK)

Sanjay 3080

Some lovely people wait until they win a Nationals or something before publishing on here.

Others of us have no journalistic standards and will publish basically anything.

Here is what this deck accomplished:

  1. I beat a Spark deck. Spark has a very rough matchup vs. Nasir because you build Spark decks with the goal of making the runner broke, and Nasir decks assume they are going to be broke anyway.

  2. In that same game against the Spark deck, I facechecked Nasir's mortal enemy Pop-up Window and didn't even concede in disgust.

  3. I beat a Building a Better World deck!

  4. I got murdered by Georgia Emelyov which seems very in-character for Nasir, known bumbler.

  5. I lost a game to Door to Door Making News even though Manhunt is probably more thematic AND in faction.

  6. I spent a whole day putting credits on Algo Trading and nobody Best Defense'd it.

Algo Trading is good if you expect your own dang ID to make you lose all your money a lot.

Multithreader is good if you expect to lose all your money a lot but still want to run and do stuff.

Study Guide is good if you are playing 3x Multithreader

Rebirth into Kit is good if you take a bunch of money from Algo Trading and have a ten million strength Study Guide.

The deck just builds itself, y'know?