Ghost: Source of Despair (3-1 GNK, 3rd plc)

CodeMarvelous 19736

That feeling when you got Spy Camera and inexhaustible wealth

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I have been fiddling with a good stuff, The Source lock build for a while.

It was a tough field, with @osclate aka Laura going undefeated and the person who took second playing Laura and I didn't.

The deck sets up lightning fast and then locks the corp with the source.

You never get baited into NA cards or NGOs because they have to add 1 or a 3rd advancement at which point you know its an agenda.

Fall Guy keeps the source alive up to nine times! You never need that many, but once it hits the board, The Source is gonna make the corp miserable. Expect a lot of complaints about it from fast advance and NA Jinteki decks.

Everything else in this deck is stuff we have seen before except that the combination of Amina, Corp Grant, and Street Peddler (for corp turn installs) is surprisingly effective cred denial.

On the Lam for traps and HHN early.

Thanks to @tolaasin and the Ghost Branch for helping me test this deck that I absolutely adore.


The humble Dean Lister is the answer to all riddles asked by Azmari and Mti.




26 Jun 2018 emilyspine

Russ sent me an earlier iteration of this list and someone rused me into an NGO by advancing it three times. Next level strats.

Highly recommended if you want your opponent to ask incredulously "how many Deans do you have in there!?"

26 Jun 2018 CodeMarvelous

LOL @emilyspine thats some advanced ruse cruise.

26 Jun 2018 esutter479

This looks tremendous. :) Gonna have to build this for my fiance someday...she loves Geist!