In Pursuit of True Art

North 138

Concept list at the moment - idea generally being that Jesminder allows you to avoid the tag from Hot Pursuit, or Maya, and get a clickless installs from Thunder Art Gallery. DJ Fenris can be used to host Liza Talking thunder for more tag-avoidance shenanigans. Maya would be used to bury key Corp cards, and again would fire the Art Gallery. Insight + Top Hat is an interaction I've been wanting to try, so we'll see how that goes.

EDITS; Updated list after discussion with a friend! Probably is possible to slim the deck down more for a current or two.

-1 Hot Pursuit

+1 Thunder Art Gallery

-1 of each Breaker

+3 Sacrificial Construct

-1 Beth

+1 SMC

EDIT 2: After playtesting with the above edits, the deck has seemed very bang-or-bust. Either you get an Art Gallery and Hot Pursuits/Maya/DJ Fenris earlier and can potentially run away with the game, or it is slow to set up while the Corp does their thing. However, more importantly I feel, the deck certainly can to be fun to play.

29 Jun 2018 Cpt_nice

I love this deck, definitely gonna try this out

29 Jun 2018 Grimwalker

I tried a similar build and found that it was almost impossible to realize Thunder Art Gallery installs. With only 3 Hot Pursuit and Maya for self-tagging, it just doesn’t come up that often, and with as much reinforcement as they tend to put on R&D vs Shaper you tend to be set up by the time you’re able to reliably trigger TAG, which is something you’d really want to accelerate your early game. $3 to install is also an unwelcome tempo loss for something which doesn’t do anything of immediate use.

Hot Pursuit and Liza tends to stack on too many tags; only 1 will be prevented. And again, an ability like Liza which theoretically provides free tempo winds up being unhelpful by the time you’re set up.

29 Jun 2018 North

@Grimwalker Solid notes, thanks. I should get to trying it myself this weekend as well, in solitaire draws it has felt like I could just play something faster/more consistent. But shall see how it goes too. Have at least included Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter in the box for if I hit DJ Fenris later in the game as an alternate G-Mod, Quetzal: Free Spirit would be there too if I owned her.

But yeah thanks, certainly helps me think on it more.