Nisei Prospecting

Rhaplanca1001 76

Theorycrafted with the aim of putting concerted multiaccess and pressure against R&D using eXer and Nyashia supported by Reclaim instead of The Turning Wheel. Took a bit of inspiration from the only other two Nisei decks currently published, but using Government Investigations because I'm hoping to actually hit with her ID ability instead of just using it as a tax. Also because I want to be able to clear Scarcity. I would very much appreciate comments/suggestions/recommendations.

12 Jul 2018 Vortilion

What ID do you use DJ Fenris for? Hayley?

12 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Forget it, Hayley wouldn’t be possible...;)

14 Jul 2018 Rhaplanca1001

I actually cut Fenris in further incarnations of the deck. At first I thought he was cool utility where you could pick a target depending on the situation you're in at the time, but now I'm feeling like he's not of as much value unless you're running him with a plan in mind. The original idea for him in this deck was Steve, for recursion and spreading the threat around so they have to ICE things other than just R&D... but honestly I think that my updated list without him is probably better. I'll post it sometime soonish after I get a few more games in.