Come ACME!

Goeshi 88

Fairly gross deck.

An early Zealous Judge can be game winning with the guaranteed rez window.

Hydra and Data Ward almost pay for themselves if you can put them in front of Henry Phillips.

Thoth can probably be cut for cheaper ICE.

Definitely unrefined, but it's winning enough games right now.

5 Jul 2018 deleriad

I don't think the Zealous Judge is a combo with Acme Consulting: The Truth You Need. Acme gives the phantom tag during Encounters with ICE but there is no rez window during an ICE encounter (only during the approach to ICE).

5 Jul 2018 Goeshi

Well, damn

9 Jul 2018 Sems37

I had made a similar kind of deck, but it is indeed not possible to rez a Zealous Judge in the encounter window. So it doesn't really work. Next to that, people are on e-strike, pirate breakers and nexus all of the time, so effectively it is dead. It only hits clanarch a bit.