Troll-lol-lol Next Batty [1st Place Stockholm Regionals]

binnet 298

So I somehow played my first regional and was able to do well with this CI deck that can't really score... I guess no one was prepared for surprise rezzes all over the place. Many Batty Psi games and a lof of brain and net damage...

Th original idea is credited to BenNi @beyoken I made som changes, maily swapping out agendas for defensive ones.

It only lost 1 game out of 7 and that was after last click run after time was called. Single access on R&D and sniped a single Vitruvous ending on 5 brain damage... (would have been a draw otherwise).

The idea is pretty much jsut to ICE up A LOT. Go to value town by rezzign everyhting at huge discounts, then but batty on the remote and deal 11+ net damage... or just score out if they are too scared to run...

Next Diamond is a really taxing piece of ICE, and if they let it fire, your job (doing net damage) becomes all the more easy.

I only thought this might bring me to the cut before decklists were known but even with the decklist public I guess no one had the answers. =/

Matchups: 3 x Geist, 1 x Val, Akiko (timed loss), Leela and Smoke.

My runner deck was Sunny, also went 6-1

16 Jul 2018 ToThBeBe

How about doing this out of Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance with the help of Jinja City Grid? It seems to help you with the gameplan more. I guess playing it from CI helps to surprise people :)

16 Jul 2018 ToThBeBe

Just realized Jinja and surat are both regions, but maybe it can work? Even without jinja asa just seems to be able to set up the killing server faster

19 Jul 2018 binnet

@ToThBeBeYou are welcome to try. I am kind of done playing this deck myself... hehe...

The main reason to play CI is that cards liek Rashida and Ultraviolet don't really have any downsides.

It's a slow deck for sure. But thanks to the good ICE suite most runners run themself tired against all the ICE, giving you lot's of time to set up =)