#justSYNCstuff (1st Place BC Regionals)

FuzzySim 227

This is a pretty simple throwback to a year ago deck, when Breaking News was still around. I don't think there is much new here, just make the change Breaking News -> Fly on the Wall.

Just jam stuff in remotes that sucks to check, and if they leave it alone, close their accounts or exchange. Cram Rashida because it is good, use NGO to bluff Fly on the Wall, and make them run through Data Raven as many times as you can until Hard-Hitting News can land.

K.P. Lynn is an OK card to jam in the remote - didn't actually get much use of it on the day. PriSec could be better if you want the same effect, but the deck usually feels kinda broke unless they let you have all of your remote stuff anyways.

Gutenberg is decent right now, as D4 is not as common, and it sucks to break with anything else - often one on R&D dissuades all but the high impact runs, and for cheap. Turnpike is a tiny Gutenberg for any server, and MKUltra hates it. Archangel is nice against everything that isn't Nexus. IP Block was cool, like usual. Data Ward as a one-of just because I felt that I wanted a little more stopping power once the runner goes tag-me, and if it comes in the right order, makes a hell of a remote. Resistor actually felt fairly bad on the day; a lot of runners (read: all) are packing Maxwell, and with Val's bad pub, even when tag-me people were paying the Resistor trace with little issue. This definitely seems like the weak spot in the ICE selection.

If the runner goes tag-me, Boom! them. Runners often go tag-me, eventually.

On the day, I faced a mix of factions, though I expected mostly Anarch, as I feel like this style of deck makes Anarchs most miserable. I played against one Shaper that was packing Misdirection, and I was really counting on not seeing it (I hadn't seen anyone playing Shaper in forever, and made a silly meta-call in dropping Best Defense).

I lost one game in swiss to the previously mentioned Shaper player (we were both on Ayla, and he eventually placed second!) directly due to the fact that he had Misdirection, and I had no way to get rid of it. My other games in swiss I won by playing Boom!. In the cut, I barely squeaked by the previous Shaper player by them being one credit shy of clearing HHN tags with Misdirection, and Boom!'d all opponents that I played Corp side. Not a single score out on the day.

Fly on the Wall feels a LOT weaker than Breaking News, and I didn't get a lot of time to test this deck, and kind of went with my gut. I think there might be something here, though - I wanted to test more with Calibration Testing, 24/7, and moving some influence around, but maybe that can be someone else's project!

Either way, though I felt this was definitely the weaker of my two decks, it definitely performed for me on the day. Shout out to everyone that came to make the last big tournament in the region such a blast, and for driving me to the damn thing when I hadn't even planned out how to get there!

17 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

Congrats on the win. How do you feel about Arella Salvatore in this deck for tempo? Also would you consider maybe adding one Best Defense to deal with Misdirection? If the runner goes tag me it is extremely versatile.

17 Jul 2018 BlackCherries

How are you most often utilizing Fly on the Wall? IAA?

Breaking News could be left on the board unadvanced and then AA-punish but it's a lot harder to do with a 3/1 I find.

18 Jul 2018 FuzzySim

@Cpt_nice Never thought about trying Arella, but I'm not sure how good it is here. I only score out with this deck when the runner refuses to run, and I'm not trying to score that quickly anyways.

However, I absolutely should have Best Defense in this deck, and my cutting it was a huge mistake. Almost anything is worth cutting for a copy, I'd imagine.

@BlackCherries yeah, IA or IAA behind Data Raven with threat of HHN and/or wasting time with NGO. I found it to be a lot weaker than Breaking News as well, but the threat of the score into Closed Accounts causes runners into bad situations. Breaking News was absurd anyways, so I still feel like this is a pretty reasonable replacement.

18 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

@FuzzySim that's fair, I guess Arellw would be kinda "extra". Agree on the Best Defense.

20 Jul 2018 synergistic

Congrats on the win! Very cool deck. My initial thought was swapping KP Lynn for two Economic Warfare's to more effectively land a HHN. I know you lose a little power in having the runner dragged through your servers without KP but what are your thoughts?

20 Jul 2018 FuzzySim

@synergistic I totally think that is a fair swap. I like Economic Warfare a lot here, as HHN out of SYNC is brutal, but it is more general purpose. Though I'm not sure it is an upgrade, if you weren't feeling the KP Lynn, I think it would be hard to do better than Econ Warfare!

20 Jul 2018 zengoshugoju

Didn't get to play you but wanted to echo sentiments on how fun the tournament was! This deck would have given my MaxX fits lol.