Akiko ability actually won me a game! 2nd (3-1) @ Malmö

Sokka 5241

This deck actually isn’t bad! Just need to draw an Aniccam early. From there, play aggressively with events and get in cheaply with Propellor Pelangi. Eventually, DZMZs and Cezves fill the board and continue running R&D playing psi games.

In round 2 I was in a situation where time was called and I was going to lose on the corp’s turn. On my last click I ran R&D and we played a true psi game with no Econ considerations. I won the psi game and then won the game on the second access 😄

The one loss was where I didn’t find an early Aniccam against Finn and my wallet got grinded.

28 Jun 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Love it! I have also been enjoying using P&P as early ice breaking pressure in shaper (Pelangi + Propeller) - it has given me a respect for propeller I didn't have when it was released.